Key Reasons For Investing in Sales Force Automation Software

Key Reasons For Investing in Sales Force Automation Software

Sales Force Automation or as it is abbreviated SFA is a powerful software tool that enhances sales win rates, decreases the duration of sales cycles, and thereby increases your sales rep’s productivity which increases revenue.

As a matter of fact, in a certain research published by the research firm Aberdeen Group, it has been stated in the report that best-in-class adopters of SFA systems saw a boost in their deal size by 27%, drop in time-to-quota by 15%, and reduction in sales cycle by 16% respectively.
Therefore, the report found that using SFA systems the buying power of the customers of these brands that participlated in the survey grew by 26% while slashing administrative time by 14% of their sales teams.  

Hence, irrespective of whether you are an enterprise selling hundreds of products and services across the globe, or a small business, SFA software is designed to eradicate many of the necessary (but time-consuming) works associated with selling your offerings.

In the present times, several organizations in sales combat an expanding customer base, fragmented customer data, complex products and services, higher customer expectations, increased competition, extended sales cycles and expanding sales force.

Therefore, in today’s business landscape, an automated and centralized business software solution created especially for the sales teams can eliminate much of the tedious, mundane, behind-the-scene repetitive tasks which can easily free up your sales reps to do what they do best- sell your offerings, in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Now, with many Sales Force Automation solutions integrated into easy to use CRM software platforms available in the CRM space ranging from SaaS solutions to on-premise systems, from out-of-the-box to complex solutions, it is important to find out the right solution which shall be the best fit for your business.

Nevertheless, irrespective of whichever technology that you ultimately adopt for your business, SFA should deliver these following benefits, even if not all, for the rapid growth of sales and revenue for your organization:

1. Save Time

SFA system automates important but time-consuming jobs, tasks like sending follow-up emails, scheduling sales appointments, tracking contacts and updating sales opportunities among many. Sales automation tools also allow sales reps to quickly create estimates and thereafter speedily turn those estimates into quotes, proposals and sales orders when the deals get signed ultimately.

Additionally, using SFA in an easy to use CRM software, the salespersons can find immediate access to order information, and thereby proactively inform the customers about their order’s arrival or delay, which enhances their entire customer experience with the brand and escalates the salesperson’s value in the eyes of the customer.

2. Boost Customer Service

Most of us have faced the unfortunate situation whereby we were forced to repeat a question or complain about an order. As SFA is an integrated component of CRM software applications they collectively eradicate this most common source of dissatisfaction of the customers by creating a centralized repository of each client’s information in the CRM database and thereafter creates a holistic view of customer relationship by combining sales, marketing, and customer support activities.

Moreover, in case a sales rep is no longer with an organization or is out of the office SFA software even lowers the ramp-up time required for new reps to get into the groove of the job.

Using SFA your sales employees and customers can get off the phone faster, allowing your sale reps to spend more time reaching out to new prospects or up-sell, by boosting loyalty and customer satisfaction for your brand.

3. Increase in Revenue

Freeing sales reps from repetitive support chores empowers your sales teams to make sales calls, be that in-person or over the phone.

Therefore, SFA allow sales reps to reach out to more prospective customers and thereby generates more income for the company, which increases employee satisfaction as well as revenue.

Moreover, when used with a CRM this business automation tool allows sales staffs and the management to monitor their customer accounts to find out which customer buys the widest range of products or deliver greater profits to your business.
Now, equipped with this information the sales and support teams can create a targeted effort for up-sell or cross-sell during communication with the customers matching the most relevant offerings that the customers might like based on the customer’s purchase history stored in the CRM database.

SFA also empowers the sales executives to develop more accurate sales forecasts which are based on real-time figures, that prevents unexpected surprises at the end of a fiscal year.

4. Opportunity Management

Businesses need to keep a close eye on their competitions during these extremely competitive times, and SFA is a tool that can routinely provide competitive intelligence which lets businesses spot and thereafter act on their competitive threats and opportunities.

Moreover, information from website visits and online queries can also be funneled into the Sales Force Automation software for quick follow-ups which increases the chances for conversions.

Apart from this, unlike clunky databases and unorganized spreadsheets, SFA is a tool that eliminates duplicate data entry in a CRM and eliminates time-consuming file-sharing activities and allows the sales reps and their managers to analyze productivity quotient of each customer call or visit.

Finally, sales managers using SFA in a CRM can assimilate research reports, marketing materials or data from disparate sources with the help of this technology to better-equip their sales teams, which can also include info on new products or upcoming services.

5. Manage Sales Teams

Using Sales Force Automation instead of tallying sales-call sheets every day, sales managers can have instant access to each sales rep’s activities, sales figures, opportunities, customer complaints and other indicators that are used for measuring sales revenue and business growth.
Therefore, SFA enables the management to act with alacrity when needed based on the real-time information generated by this business application tool.

SFA also provides the management with the tools needed to create and manage the territories of the sales reps without running into the problem of providing too much or too little coverage in a given area, and also as the customer base expands allow the management redesign or realign territories by using the SFA software’s capability in the most profitable and meaningful way.

SFA business software solution also enables sales managers to pick-up the right individual to follow-up on any specific lead, based on availability, expertise or demographic preferences. Since by immediately connecting prospective customers with the sales reps, leads are more likely to get engaged which ultimately reduces sales cycles and result in speedy business growth.

Lastly this exceptionally robust business tool when integrated with easy to use CRM also aids sales managers and the management to keep away from problematic areas like an under-performing sales rep, and make proactive adjustments early in the process for sustained sales growth. 


Therefore to conclude we can easily say that SFA is a most essential business application tool for any organization whose backbone is customer relationship management and sales, as Sales Force Automation when integrated into CRM software can improve productivity by multiple folds while cutting down wasted working hours considerably.

Hence, if you want your business to win against heavy competition, SFA is the perfect answer to your call.

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