Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: Wear Sunglasses

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy: Wear sunglasses

Why is wearing sunglasses such a crucial part of keeping your eyes healthy? We tend to forget that our skin is not the only part of our body that requires protection from the harmful rays emitted by the sun - our eyes need protection too and that’s why visiting a reputed vendor at a physical store or buying sunglasses online is crucial for maintaining good eye health! Here’s a deeper look at UV rays, their harmful effects on your eyes and how wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from these dangerous rays!

What are UV Rays?

Ultraviolet rays (UV Rays) are harmful rays emitted by the sun that can cause numerous skin health problems like skin cancer and eye health problems too!  While UV damage is commonly known to cause sunburn, premature aging, eye damage, and other skin-related issues, these dangerous rays can also wreak havoc on your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes.  If you live in a tropical country especially, protecting your eyes is crucial so it is important that you browse and purchase women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses online. 

How can UV Rays damage your eyes?

There are two forms of UV rays that are emitted from the sun:

  • UV-A - these rays can hurt your central vision significantly as they damage the macula which is a part of the retina that is located in the back of your eye and crucial for clear vision.
  • UV-B - the cornea and lens located at the front of your eye absorb the majority of the UV-B rays, but not surprisingly these dangerous rays can cause even more damage to your vision than the UV-A rays!

What are some eye health problems caused by UV Rays?

If this doesn’t convince you to get busy browsing and buying sunglasses online, there’s not much else that will! There are many eye conditions that can arise from your eyes not been protected from the harmful UV Rays and here’s a look at just a few of them:

  • Cataract - it’s believed that cataracts develop as we age, but excessive exposure to the sun especially for those that live close to the equator such as, results in cataracts developing faster. Buy the best quality women’s sunglasses or men’s sunglasses online to slow down the formation of cataracts.
  • Macular degeneration - this refers to the damage of a specific area of retinal tissue called the macula which is responsible for central vision and results in blurred, foggy vision. This usually takes some time to happen, however constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays without any form of eye protection will certainly speed up the process. While there are some treatments available depending on how serious it is, there is no cure for macular degeneration so prevention is definitely the best route to take!
  • Pinguecula - usually very noticeable, this eye condition results in yellow/white raised area arising on the conjunctiva - which is the white part of your eye. Once it appears it doesn’t usually go away, but if it does become red or swollen it can be treated with eye drops to reduce the swelling.

Tips for buying men's sunglasses online / women's sunglasses online

Stop taking your vision for granted - especially when you live in a tropical country where you are more likely than not to have constant exposure to the harmful rays! Purchase your sunglasses online from a reputable vendor so that you are certain that you are purchasing genuine branded sunglasses and not imitations. Imitation sunglasses can do more damage than good as the dark tint causes your pupils to dilate and allows in more harmful rays - resulting in more eye damage.

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