Jobs And Selection Of The Best Plasterer


Whether you are planning to build a wall or resurface the ceiling, you will need the expert hands of a plasterer. They are professional tradesmen who are experts at restoring and building floors, walls, and ceilings. Since plastering involves a wide range of activities, some professionals may specialize in particular areas. Due to this, it becomes important to know which type of expert you want for the kind of job you want to get done. Let’s find out more about these professionals and how they can help.

Jobs a Plasterer Can Handle

Plastering work can be of two types, fibrous plastering, and solid plastering. Fibrous plastering is the process in which ornamental roses and columns are added to the surface, while in solid plastering, plaster is applied on the surface to create a smooth finish, such as on a floor, wall or driveway. While solid plastering is more related to solid and plain construction, fibrous plastering is aimed at decorative purposes. Here are a few kinds of jobs that a plasterer can handle with expertise:


  • Giving a new finish to a wall or ceiling
  • Doing restoration work on a wall or ceiling
  • Laying screed on the floor
  • Dashing an outside wall pebble
  • Creating a decorative finish, like cornice
  • Building a floor or indoor wall partition with a plasterboard

Every plastering expert may not be able to handle all these jobs, but a large firm with several professionals will be able to offer a wider range of services.

Hiring a Plasterer vs DIY

You may think that plastering is a simple job of laying plaster on a surface, but the actual job is not only physically demanding, but it is also a skillful job that needs to be handled by a professional only. Unless you have confidence and have handled plastering jobs in the past, it is always best to leave such a complicated job to a professional only. When you hire an expert, the quality and finish will be better and you will save a lot of money and time. Even if you are not satisfied with the job done, you can always ask them to improve the finish. Apart from that, they have years of knowledge and experience, due to which they will be able to finish the job much quicker than if you choose the DIY option. Since a variety of tools and equipment will be needed to carry out the plastering job which you won’t have access to, due to which the quality and speed of your work will be much lower than theirs.

Finding the Right Person


Finding a reliable, honest, and expert plasterer is not an easy task to do. You will find a large number of experts, each claiming to be better than the others, but how would you know which one is genuinely the best? In such a situation, the best thing you can do is to ask for recommendations from your acquaintances. Here are a few qualities you must look for in a plastering expert:

  • Experience: You need an experienced professional to handle your plastering job.
  • Insurance: Since plastering is a risky job and often involves working at heights, check the insurance that covers them and any damage done to your property.
  • Accessibility: They should have a permanent phone number, street address and headquarters to work from
  • Training and education: They should be qualified and accredited to carry out plastering jobs in your area.
  • Personality: Pleasing personality and good communication skills will definitely make your project fun and lucrative.
  • Cost: Their cost should be reasonable as per industry standards.

Once you have shortlisted a few plastering experts in your area, fix an appointment so that they can come to your house and check what needs to be done. Depending on your convenient time, the selected plasterer will start doing the work as per the instructions.

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