An Introduction to Birthstone Jewellery

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Discover the unique significance and history of each birthstone and learn how you can utilise their energies.

Like an individual’s star sign, birthstones can provide a telling insight into the person’s psyche. Some believe that the month in which you are born can have a profound influence on your personal character. For many, the stone is a source of great pride, for which they desire to showcase by adorning themselves with the jewellery.

As each month is associated with a distinct gemstone, it naturally forges itself as a very personal item that holds strong symbolic meaning to the one who wears it. This being the case, birthstone jewellery are ideal presents for honouring a memorable occasion such as an anniversary, valentine’s or even a job promotion.

The following is a brief introduction to each birthstone of the calendar year, along with a description of each stone’s mystical qualities.

January – Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for individuals whose birthday falls in the month of January. Although the stone occurs naturally in a wide range of different hues, various shades of red are the most abundant and widely used for birthstone purposes. This stone is believed to strengthen the inner fortitude of its wearer and those who adorn themselves with garnet jewellery are often seen as having the qualities of a ‘guardian’.

February – Amethyst

The birthstone of February, Amethyst is renowned for its vibrant and lustrous purple hue. Historically, the stone has been believed to have the ability to safeguard wearers from potential danger, while evoking a sense of inner harmony. Those who don amethyst are considered to be trustworthy and brave.

March - Aquamarine

As the name suggests, this gemstone’s colour reflects that of a tranquil, aqua-coloured ocean lagoon. Aquamarine is available in a wide spectrum of blue hues and is believed to be imbued with restorative properties. Those who are born in the month of March often value time with their loved ones above all else and Aquamarine makes an ideal present for any occasion that honours the bond between loved ones (anniversary, valentine’s) or the birth of a newborn.

April - Diamond

Diamonds are synonymous with affluence and prestige and have been an especially popular choice for engagement rings. For individuals born in the month of April, the stone has even greater significance as it is their birthstone. Besides their connotations with wealth and prosperity, diamonds are symbols of love and enchantment.

May – Emerald

With their mesmerising deep green colours, emeralds are the birthstone of May and are a symbol of good health and triumph over adversity. This makes emerald jewellery the perfect present for May-born individual whose battling or recovering from sickness or injury.

June – Pearl

While still luxurious, pearls are seen as a more humble precious stone and are often associated with long-lasting friendships. Those born in the month of June with pearl as their birthstone are known to be caring and affectionate towards others.

July – Ruby

Rubies are famous for their remarkable red hue and with a simmering colour that seems to emanate raw energy, it’s no surprise that those who adorn themselves with a ruby birthstone are perceived to be charming and approachable.

August – Peridot

While not as famous as the other stones listed here, it is just as striking. Occurring naturally in various tones green, peridot is believed to protect the wearer against harm and suffering. Due to their relative obscurity, peridot birthstones are even more compelling to those fortunate enough to born in August.

September - Sapphire

While sapphires can be found in a complete spectrum of different colours, the most famous colour is cobalt blue. These gemstones are symbols of excellence and grandeur and those born in September are known to embody qualities of courage and integrity.

October – Opal

Opals are an incredibly beautiful stone and when worn as a birthstone, are believed to imbue the wearer with a greater sense of grace and kindness.

November – Citrine & Topaz

Both of citrine and topaz and considered birthstones for those born in the month of November and the colours of both range from light yellow to brown. The stones are synonymous with success and fortune. Those with a November birthday are often seen as loyal and generous.

December – Turquoise

Those born in the final month of the year are blessed to have turquoise as their birthstone. An exquisite stone to behold, it portends prosperity and success for the wearer.

If you need help choosing an incredible item of jewellery that is unique as you are and comprised of your special birthstone, consult with a local jeweller today.

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