The Internet And Us

The Internet And Us
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With such vast dependence on electronic media from such a tender age, most of the millennials today find it difficult to live without their technology today. It seems that today millennials give the same importance to their technology as the older generation once gave to basic necessities of life. This has resulted in the propagation of the couch-potato culture which is basically all about sitting on the couch and eating all day and enjoying your screen in front of you.

Health Concerns:

This has definitely had a major impact on the health of the millennials today. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that you do not find sportspersons of the same caliber today as you once did, because not only do we no longer want to participate in sports, but the health effects also do not allow us to do anything substantial. All we want today are Codes for William Hill, or discount vouchers for the new game that just came in; anything but having to go out to enjoy in the sun or in the rain.

As statistics show, there are more teens with spine injuries or weaknesses than there ever have been in the past and the rate does not seem to subside. Moreover, millennials are also becoming a part of more and more internet scams and video blackmails than they have ever been all because of such a large dependence on the technology. This is also why the obesity rates in the world today are much higher than they once were and more and more people are losing their lives to heart attacks and obesity related health issues.


But it is not just health impact that the dependence on technology causes today. The impact spreads to other fields and several factors of social significance are undermined in the shadow of technology and the internet. One such habit is the art of reading. Where once, in the absence of televisions, it was absolutely necessary that newspapers be read, it became a sort of norm to read the newspaper every morning to keep updated. This served in not only adding to the current knowledge base but increased the current affair information. This information is especially helpful if anyone wants to join the armed forces or just win “who wants to be a millionaire?”, which is not a bad incentive at all.

As this reading progressed, people would find themselves indulging in the art of pleasure reading than simply just reading to know about the prevalent surrounding conditions. This often leads to great general knowledge and a very good grasp of literature as well as the skill of effective articulation. Moreover, reading allows you a grasp over a wide variety of topics which means you can talk about anything to anyone.

However, as the millennials of today see it, the sole purpose of having the internet is to surf social media and use it to spread memes. Of course, I am not denying the fact that the social media is a very powerful tool for raising awareness and attracting more people to your cause, especially considering that you could read over the internet too, but I will certainly not defend the fact that the internet is a tool for wasting precious time of the millennial generation.

The Solution:

Perhaps the only effective solution to the problems that the internet and technology in general poses to us is the fact that unregulated use of technology be stopped. Internet activity monitoring is a feature that is not available in even cellphones which helps you set limits to your time spent on the internet.

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