Important Factors To Consider Before Doing Asbestos Assessment

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Even some 30 or 40 years ago, asbestos was widely used to construct homes and industrial units. It was one of the then-best available items for soundproofing as well as to prevent fire. However, with time researchers have proved that they can cause many health hazards, including lung problems and cancer.

Since 2003, Australia had followed the footsteps of many countries and altogether banned the use of asbestos. The Government had also stopped importing or exporting the material. However, some residential buildings, industrial entities, and even old vehicles have asbestos in them. One cannot demolish the buildings or stop the industrial establishments from working.

asbestos assessment

Therefore asbestos assessment is highly advised to get done, mainly where the material exists in the constructions. The assessment needs to be done so that the vulnerability of the air can be checked. Also, with the right assessment, the health conditions of the residents or workers can check out as well. Many organizations have engaged in asbestos assessment as it has become an integral part of risk management solutions. Let us discuss a bit in detail about the services provided by the asbestos assessment organizations so that one can take their services if needed.

If you wonder who the person can be to conduct all inspections and assessments of asbestos, we are here to clear your confusion. It is the certified professionals who are familiar with handling this kind of task.

The Details 

Almost everybody knows that asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally and can withstand a temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius. Moreover, asbestos has high tensile strength and is mainly used in roofing, wall cladding, flooring, making gaskets, adhesives, and cement. Due to the hazardous nature of asbestos, the use of the material is banned and gradually removed from the existing constructions before the ban, following high safety protocols and engaging experts in removing them.

  • Survey And Suggestions – The best asbestos assessment organization have experts in their payroll and use scientific methods to survey any particular area for the presence of asbestos. If some are found, they give proper suggestions to remove the asbestos content. As per the rule, asbestos cannot be removed like any other construction material, but a standard operating procedure needs to be followed for the removal and disposal. These risk management agencies are licensed to do the same and do them without violating any rules laid by the country's Government.
  • Guiding To Take Appropriate Control - All can't remove overnight all the asbestos used in construction. It involves finances as the agencies are not charitable organizations. The replacement material also needs to be bought and fixed. Thus, these companies guide the entrepreneurs to control the use of asbestos, measure the air quality, the condition of the asbestos, and helping to budget the entrepreneur for ultimately removing them in the near future to have a safe environment to works. The same is suggested to the residents of apartments and houses to stay safe, acting accordingly.
  • Project Management – While performing the assessing asbestos tasks, entrepreneurs should be well guided to prepare the tender specifications, the scope of works and evaluate the bids. This way, the best and proper contractor could get selected for any particular job. Including removal of asbestos if they are only engaged in risk management & assessment and not in the removal and disposal business. When doing an asbestos assessment, there should be testimonial support in case of any lawsuit filed by the competent authority. The best agencies also train people to work, taking safety precautions where some asbestos content has been used.
asbestos assessment


When doing an asbestos assessment, it is always advised to recruit a competent agency. This way, one can avoid any sort of legal or penal actions from competent authorities.

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