How to Use Social Media to Market Your Jewellery Store

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Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing platform for your jewellery store. Used correctly, it can be used to expand your customer base, strengthen your rapport with existing customers and most importantly, increase sales. Here’s a list of top tips for getting the most out of social media for your business.

1) Clearly identify what your business is about

Far too often, jewellery stores try and appeal to everyone’s taste, rather than concentrate on their specific strengths and selling points that distinguish them from the rest. When marketing your business on social media, it’s essential that you highlight the aspects that are unique about your business.

Here are several questions you should ask yourself about your business. Your answers must form the basis for every post that you submit to your social media pages.

  1. What are the three most important qualities about your jewellery store
  2. List five competitors that are similar to yours and which have a social media aura that you’d like to replicate
  3. Up until this point, which of your posts have received the most user engagement?
  4. Which posts received the least engagement?
  5. What kind of mood do you wish to evoke when users visit your social pages?

2) Give your social media pages a digital facelift

When it comes to ensuring maximum engagement, it’s important that everything gets updated on a regular basis and this includes your cover pages. Such pages can be used to advertise upcoming events, promote new stock or advertise storewide sale. Like your social media posts themselves, your cover images must be of a high standard.

3) Showcase photos of your clients wearing your store’s jewellery

Publishing photos of customer’s wearing your jewellery is a powerful method of enhancing user interaction and may make others more inclined to inquire and ultimately buy those products for themselves. Create a separate album on your pages that are dedicated to their photos.

4) Publish photos of your jewellery being worn by an actual person

When browsing online stores, you’ll often only see actual people modelling the jewellery on the home page and on other landing pages throughout the site. However, for actual product pages themselves, typically the product image will only display the item itself. Having more photos of the items worn by others can be a great way to allow them to see how it may look if they were wearing it.

5) Reference your social pages on all branded media

Often times, jewellery stores will advertise their social pages on their website, but on little else. Be sure to include links to your social pages on all branded media, be it digital or print.

6) Give away FREE prizes

There’s no greater way to guarantee a high degree of user engagement and drum up interest in your brand than by giving away free prizes. As a jewellery store, the prize doesn’t have to be something as extravagant as an expensive piece of jewellery – although if you were willing to give away, say an exquisite engagement ring then you would be assured of a substantial amount of likes and shares. Something less expensive but just as appealing and practical may be a gift voucher, to be either redeemed in-store or online.

7) Reward your most loyal online users

When operating a social media page for your business, you’ll often become aware of particular users that always seem to interact with your posts more frequently than others. It’s a good idea to reward their loyalty to your page by giving them special privileges and entitlements, such as complimentary products, discounts and more. This will naturally make them inclined to promote your brand to others. If you wish to gain even more attention, consider enlisting the services of a highly regarded jewellery industry blogger.

8) Harness the power of video

Images are fine, but videos can add a whole new dimension to your marketing efforts. Like everything else that has your brand name attached to it, be sure to make them of a suitably high standard. Doing so will guarantee maximum effectiveness.

9) Submit the latest jewellery industry news to your social pages

People who follow and interact with your social pages don’t just do so because they’re a fan of your jewellery offerings, they do so because of their love of jewellery in general. Everything you post on your social pages doesn’t have to come from your website directly. Your users will love reading about the latest jewellery creations from world famous brands, special events and any other news headline that will be of great interest to them. The more compelling and quality posts you can add to your social pages, the faster your user base will grow and flourish.

10) Paid advertisements

Facebook ads can be highly lucrative, not just for generating additional revenue by advertising a store sale, but for boosting your follower numbers by a significant amount as well.

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