How to Survive the Cut Throat Mobile App Development Market?

How to Survive the Cut Throat Mobile App Development Market?

The mobile application market is skyrocketing like never before. Those days are long gone when people were just fussing over how cool the web applications were and the ways they helped accomplish almost anything and everything.

With increasing mobile phone usage on a global level, customers are getting more drawn towards using mobile applications than any other form of apps. This has more than a few reasons and while it is all helpful for the customer, it is creating plenty of opportunities for an organization.

Why Mobile Applications?

The reason why customers absolutely love mobile apps is that there’s nothing like then-

  • Mobile apps are excessively convenient to use. Once you log in there is no going back entering your credentials again and again.
  • They provide one-tap access to all the features. The customer can take desirable actions without any hassles.
  • Mobile apps provide services on the go. Since it perfectly aligns with the mobile’s user experience you can take action anytime and anywhere.
  • Mobile applications are super convenient and offer flexibility. Since the smartphone is one of the handiest gadgets, mobile apps become more convenient than ever.

There are other reasons why the mobile phone market is expanding like it is, but what’s important is that customers love it and eCommerce sellers have to find a way to include them in the marketing strategy.

If fact no matter what words you find, saying that mobile applications are popular and the market is competitive is always going to be an understatement. If you don’t believe it, you might want to take a look at the statistics on your own.

For example, currently, there are more than 2.2 million mobile applications on the Apple store along with 2.9 million apps on the Google Play store. Imagine publishing another mobile application in this huge pile of apps already. It won’t be surprising it your app goes unnoticed by the customer.

How to Get Your App Noticed?

You might have seen it quite often while downloading any applications from the app store. There are plenty of apps when you search for something, but you end up downloading one particular app. So, what is the criteria that you choose for downloading the applications? 

Let’s take a look at these since they determine the future of your iPhone app development services. Honestly, cutting through all the noise that exists in the mobile app industry has never been this difficult. While we can’t deny that reviews etc. play huge role in deciding which app will a user download, there’s something else that plays a bigger role.

While great apps had the chance to become exceptional hits some time ago, it has all vanished with the increasing number of apps. Since everyone wants to leverage the growing market, they are establishing their presence on the platform like never before. Moreover, customers are already there ready to use the apps, therefore, no matter the size of the business, everyone is trying to sail in the wave.

However, one factor that plays a major role in determining the success and failure of your mobile app is your publisher partner. While the global app market was valued at around $106.27 billion in 2018, it is now projected to grow at an unprecedented compound annual growth rate of 18.4% to reach an astonishing $407.31 billion by 2026.

There are many things that go into making an app a huge success. For example, your publishing partner, investing agency, media planners, creative teams, communication experts, and your marketing team. It is often noticed that companies that make great mobile applications, often lack the resources to promote them. This way customers don’t get to know that an amazing product exists in the market.

Therefore, the best option, in this case, remains to find a publishing partner that becomes your true partner and invests in your app. This way your app gets the right promotion while your investor gets to share the revenue generated from the application.

For example, take the case of hyper-casual gaming markets, There are some excellent and reputed publishers like Ketchapp, Lion Studios, or Voodoo that rule the market like nobody else. They have established their dominance in the market along with topping the charts for becoming the number one gaming companies.

Therefore, once a brand builds up, most of the people prefer to download from them as a factor of trust builds up. Moreover, if you are just a start-up trying to carve a niche for yourself in the market, opting to parent with a reputed publisher can be a real game-changer for your business.

Make sure you conduct research before zeroing in only one partner. Weight the pros and cons properly. Another thing to make sure is that your app must have the right balance of subscriptions, ads, and in-app purchases. Look for sophisticated AI algorithms that understand a user’s using pattern and make a difference to it.

With these strategies and a careful eye before choosing the right publishing partner, even small businesses can reach out to a million customers in the shortest amount of time. Not to get, make sure your app has the quality, and is good at what it claims. 

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