How SEO Can Help Your Business in This Pandemic Situation When Advertising Budgets are Cut Off

How SEO Can Help Your business in this Pandemic Situation when Advertising Budgets are Cut Off

The current pandemic situation has impacted individuals and businesses all across the world in many different ways. As more and more businesses are struggling to stay afloat, measures are being taken to cut costs and make the most of the situation. Advertising budgets are almost always cut off in such situations and as marketers, this becomes a major problem. There is good news, however, as SEO can be used to make your business more successful. Read on and find out how you can use the right SEO strategies to make your business flourish during this situation.

Doing a Content Audit

This is the perfect time to conduct a small content audit to see how your content marketing strategies are working out. You can use a simple tool like a Google Sheet or an Excel Sheet for this purpose. You should maintain one tab for each page such as webpages, whitepapers, blog posts, presentations, infographics as well as articles which have been published externally.

You should then evaluate each page and try to see which pages and content you can use for other channels. You will be able to keep track of the posts and pieces which obtained the highest number of likes and shares. Using this information and insights you will be able to update fresh content and create re-promotion strategies that will help you once your business activities start picking up. You can get the help of leading SEO companies for this purpose.

Working on the Online Review Strategy

There are lots of companies which fail to answer online reviews. This is one of the most common mistakes that companies make. Of course, not many companies have the time to dedicate to this arduous process. But this pandemic situation is the perfect time to address this issue and to make sure your recent reviews have some good responses.

You can even consider the option of training an employee to handle these reviews on an ongoing basis. This will help your customers find the information that they need with ease. It will surely help to increase your business performance in the long run too. You can help make this process easier by offering template responses too. You will be able to train the right employee to handle minor queries. Escalating serious queries to the right person is also a job that that employee will have to be adept at.

Consider obtaining the help of reputed SEO companies and you will be able to make this job easier.

Revamp your Website

This is a good time to revamp your website and make it look more appealing. SEO services offers will help make this process easier. You can sit with your team if you can and make sure everything about your website is updated and appealing to your target customers. Most of your employees will have enough and more free time during this period to contribute productively to this project so make sure you use their input as well. You can organize Zoom calls for this purpose.

Design and Outreach Strategy

If the business that you are operating has always been in touch with customers in a proactive manner, make sure you don’t let the ball drop during this pandemic period. You can design a creative outreach strategy that will help you to make your business more connected with the customers. You will have to make sure this is done in the right manner. Above all, refrain from doing things that will make customers think you are trying to take advantage of the situation and gain some leverage. You have to ensure that your outreach strategy addresses the current needs of your customers in the right manner. You can get help from companies that offer SEO services has for this purpose.

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