How Sales Force Automation in Easy To Use CRM Separates Amateurs from the Pros

How Sales Force Automation in Easy To Use CRM Separates Amateurs from the Pros

When we think about activities that are most essential to make a sale, we probably think about required actions that need human-touch of the sales reps, such as listening to the prospective customer’s needs, developing a solution for their pain points and more.

Now, although a sales rep’s day always consists of tasks that require manual efforts, those additional tasks do not get the sales rep’s prospects any closer to a “Yes” (at least not directly).

In fact, according to a survey done by InsideSales, it has been found that sales reps spend only about 35.2 percent of their actual productive work hours on selling and the rest on accomplishing major admin tasks and several non-selling obligations such as:

  • Updating lead records and logging activities in their easy to use CRM
  • Looking up for a lead or prospects phone number before making a call and thereafter writing notes afterward
  • Researching for their prospects online (finding their job titles, location, and social media accounts)
  • Emailing appropriate contents to the prospects and leads depending on where they are in the buying cycle in their easy to use CRM platform…and more

Even for the sales managers, the most common non-selling activity includes things like assigning leads to their teams or training new reps on their team’s sales processes.

What Is Sales Force Automation?

SFA or Sales Force Automation refers to any software that facilitates or automates manual tasks for a sales manager or their sales teams.

The practical purpose of Sales Automation is to eradicate as much possible mundane works from a sales rep’s day that does not involve tasks like direct interactions or relationship building with leads and prospects and reduce the amount of effort managers spends on managing their sales processes.

Now, despite its name, Sales Force Automation does not replace the need of the sales reps to do the actual work of selling. Rather Sales Automation software when integrated into Salesforce CRM for enterprises businesses or in any other Salesforce Alternative CRM for small business and startups allow the sales reps to focus more time on qualifying leads, improve their sales process, and provide the best prospects with more attention for faster closing of their deals.

Types Of Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation in easy to use CRM can take many forms.

This is because; while some sales teams may use Sales Automation for one specific part of the sales process (like prospecting or for sending cold email campaigns) others using easy to use CRM along with Sales Automation integrated into the system use it for sales pipeline management that automates a myriad activity throughout the sales process.

Therefore here are a few ways Sales Force Automation when it is integrated into a CRM can take away some of the frustrating busy-works out of a salesperson’s daily chores:

1. Automate activity logging

One of the most frustrating “non-selling activities” for the sales reps is the need for logging phone calls, emails, and other customer communications for the benefit of the managers in their easy to use CRM.

Sales Force Automation, when integrated into a CRM, can easily take this pain away, by logging these cumbersome activities as soon as they occur automatically in the CRM database.

2. Automate record creation

Sales Automation software, when integrated with an automation-friendly CRM, can immediately generate CRM records when any form is filled out by any visitor once they visit your website. This helps in saving the sales reps from having to create new contacts and thereafter lead records manually.

3. Automate data entry

Sales Force Automation eliminates the need for any activity that involves typing.
For example, if your sales reps want to create and send a proposal to your prospective leads SFA software can easily auto-fill details such as name, address, product/service details and price without any mistakes.

Moreover, if your business is using a dialer (like Ring Central) integrated into the easy to use CRM software, SFA effectively eliminates the need for the salespersons to punch numbers on their phone for outbound phone calls which can be also automated with this tool.

4. Automate communication

Although as we said even before that no software solution can put one-on-one communication on a fly-by-wire autopilot mode, nevertheless SFA eliminates a lot of grunt-works that are involved in connecting, delivering contents and creating follow up reminders with your leads, and prospects in the CRM database.

These communication automation processes can include jobs like:

  • Creating sales email automation for delivering targeted and personalized email campaigns to prospects when they reach a certain stage in the sales funnel, and thereafter also remove them when they move to a different stage in the sales pipeline.
  • Sending automated email drips to leads and prospects and then stop that activity once the prospect replies.
  • SFA acts as a meeting scheduling tool to make it easy for your sales reps and also the prospects to find their available spots on the sales rep’s calendar that works best for the prospect.
  • Allow sales reps to drop pre-written customized messages into the prospect’s inbox when they fail to answer their phone.


5. Lead management automation

There are several administrative works that sales managers have to do to make sure that each lead gets the right attention they deserve at the right time for business growth.

Sales Force Automation when integrated in easy to use CRM allows managers to set automatic lead assignment rules based on factors like how comfortable each rep is with a specific offering or the prospect’s geo-location and many more lead assignment rules that the managers can set, which helps in reducing the little decisions that can bog down a manager’ day.

Moreover, if you are the owner of an SMB, or a ‘Solopreneur’ SFA when integrated into your best CRM for small business, even eliminates the need to manually advance leads through your easy to use CRM when stage goals are accomplished, as the leads progress from stage to stage in the sales pipeline. 

How Sales Force Automation Can Separate Amateur Sales Reps From The Pros?

Consistency is the main differentiating factor between an amateur sales rep and a pro.

Therefore, by using SFA professional sales reps can create the consistency that is most necessary for a salesperson to accurately measure the health of their sales funnels and gauge the impact of their sales efforts which is required for generating more sales and foster rapid business growth.

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