How To Reignite The Spark With Your Consumers During These Uncertain Times

How To Reignite The Spark With Your Consumers During These Uncertain Times

It is evident that a focus on customers is most crucial for all businesses, which is especially more important during this period of uncertainty, as without customers there is no business.

Now as it occurs with long-term romantic relationships, companies also at times becomes too complacent with their longtime customers, and so brands that fall into this pitfall eventually fails, since if you cannot keep the partnership excited and happy, your customers will not want to stick around for too long.

Therefore, how can businesses keep the existing relationships with their customer, feel fresh, and rejuvenated both under ordinary circumstances and during this Pandemic?

Think of it again like “dating” in a long-term relationship.

It is only by reinvigorating relationships with your longstanding customers your business will be able to serve them better and make them come back for more-even amidst these days of uncertainly and Pandemic.

The Customer Relationship Cycle

Much like it happens in any romantic relationship, even the first phase in any customer relationship is all about making an impression and present their impressive selves to stand out from the competition.

Since, even in business if you are capable of making a great impression, it will help your brand to create a solid foundation for future growth.

Now, we all must have observed that early on in a romantic relationship you usually find your partner’s foibles to be endearing and cute. Nevertheless, as times passes you patient might begin to wear out, which is the same that also happens with any brand’s relationship with their customers.

A customer who has been with a brand for a long time in any business might tolerate little inconveniences for a while, but once that tolerance reaches a limit it might create irreparable damage to the relationship.

You must be thinking- why does it happen?

The answer is simple.

Both in romance and in business it is surprisingly easy for partners to slip into complacency.

As one of the most popular vendors of easy to use CRM solutions, we have often seen businesses becoming too relaxed and comfortable with their not-so-new consumers, which led brands to become lenient and thereby neglect their customers.

Now of the relationship with your customers reaches this point, reviving such a relationship can take a massive effort, which may not even prove successful under these present downtrodden, and panic-stricken marketplace.

Now as a vendor of easy to use CRM software platforms, when this happens, we would like to state that it is time to rekindle the “dating” phase with these about to churn customers.

Hence, businesses need to impress their customers all over again and nurture those relations until the customers once again feel the spark and grow back their relationships.

For this in this stage brands and businesses should perform proactive thinking and do need assessment which is extremely crucial for mending broken relationships. 

According to a survey done by one of the biggest names in the CRM industry, it was found that 73% of the customers think that brands should know their needs.

Therefore, as the consumers know their needs best, hence businesses must continue to ask questions to get to the heart of the matter and stay up to date on their customer’s preferences, irrespective of how long they had been associated or whatever that is going on across the world.

How Can You Bring the ‘Romance’ Back to Customer Relationships?

Now as we said even before, once you perceive your customer’s needs it is time to reinforce your relationship.

Hence here is how you can do it even during this Pandemic:

1. Evolve

Relationships evolve with time. For example, if your partner is exercising regularly, learning a new language and earning a promotion at work, while you are spending every free minute on the couch- he or she may not feel happy.

Likewise, if a business or a brand does not seek to develop itself it will surely lose its customers to companies that are accepting new challenges, moving forward, and brainstorming to develop innovations to remain relevant with their services during this Pandemic times.

Now if you are thinking where to start, let your customers be your guide, as their perspective an influence and spark your growth.

Hence if you are using a business growth solution like an easy to use CRM for your business listening to your customers and thereafter use that behavioral data to precisely determine what the customers want and then deliver that to the consumers of your offerings.


Engagement is a big element that can keep any relationship on its track. This is because customers want the same attention every time that impressed them in the first place.

In fact, in a recent survey done by Gallup (an American analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C) it was found that engaged customers lead to 23% higher profits.

Now creating lasting engagements throughout the customer’s journey with any brand can be tricky since the methods are always changing, which is more in flux due to the disruptions brought by this COVID-19 Pandemic.

As a CRM vendor, we have found that one of the best ways to provide engagement is through omnichannel marketing since it ensures that your customers are having seamless experience irrespective of whether they are using your brand’s app, browsing through your business website or visiting one of your stores.

Good relationships are built on great communications.

Hence omnichannel strategies allow for an easier flow of communication between you and your customers even when you cannot do it in person during this Pandemic times.

3. Energize

Of course, engagement alone at times is not enough.

For example, some couples see each other every day, yet the spark between those partners nay still be dimmed, and if neither person is bringing energy to the relationship, it is sure to flame out in due course of time.

The same is true with the relationship with your customers.

Hence create a customer engagement team for your business. During this Pandemic create more personal connections with the consumers of your offerings and reach out to customers individually to ensure that they are getting what they need.

4 Empathize

To maintain a steady and prosperous customer relationship during these uncertain times, find ways to demonstrate your sensitivity, empathy, and flexibility.

Remember every single person across the globe is feeling the trains of what this Pandemic means for their friends, families, and businesses.

Hence one of the best ways to connect with your customers is to show that your brand genuinely cares about the partnership with the consumers of your offerings by offering leniency with your invoices.

Provide your customers who are struggling financially the option to pay in installments or by extending their deadlines.

This is because it is only by understanding what your customers are going through you can make them that much more likely to stick around now and even in the near future despite the economic unrest that is gobbling this world.


Always remember customer relationships are more than just transactions, and so brands that remain successful in the long run are the ones that woo their consumers and find new ways to keep their customers happy during uncertain and stressful times.

Hence if your business evolves, engage, bring back energy and empathy to your relations your company will enjoy similar success not only through this global economic meltdown, and Pandemic but also in the days to come.

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