How to Prepare for Your Initial Meeting with Your Family Lawyer

How to Prepare for Your Initial Meeting with Your Family Lawyer

Whilst we all hope that we never have to call upon the services of a family lawyer to help resolve our family matters, this is, unfortunately, the reality for countless couples each year.

How do we get on with our lives when they have changed so radically? For most couples, engaging a divorce lawyer is a sensible decision, allowing them to comprehend everything that their situation entails and more importantly, advising them of the best course of action to take. For those who have decided that a contentious family issue such as divorce, must be ironed out, then contacting a lawyer with special expertise in this field can help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety attributed to the resolution process.

Once you have arranged a meeting with your lawyer, what are the things you must do to best prepare yourself? What things must you take into account before you set foot into their office?

The follow is a list of several essential tips to help you ready yourself.

Act with good intentions

Above all, it is crucial that you understand the possible ramifications of your intentions. It is never a good idea to seek litigation purely out of rage or retribution. A much more desirable train of thought is to recognise that your goal is to remedy the current situation and ensure a more favourable position for everyone concerned, enabling you to progress and seek a happier future.

Begin with a pleasant mindset. Understand that a pleasant mindset will invariably result in a more pleasant outcome for you.

What to take to the meeting

In cases where the other person has already requested legal advice from another family law firm, you may have already obtained written communication from them. If so, be sure to take it all with you to your meeting. Your family lawyer will be able to begin handling all your legal communique immediately. If on the other hand, you are the first member to take action, you are only required to bring along ID with you.

How long it takes to resolve your situation

One of the first things clients wish to know when meeting with their family lawyer for the first time is, “how long is it going to take to resolve my situation?”. Upon discussing your particular case with you, your attorney should be able to provide you with an approximate estimate for the time required to achieve a resolution.

It is important to understand however, that family conflicts are very delicate by nature and any attempts to resolve the matter peacefully can quickly turn awry. No matter how enraged or aggrieved you may feel, it is important to understand that the best scenario is one that provides an optimal outcome for you and everyone else concerned, including your children, where applicable. Despite sometimes appearing rather straightforward, a family crisis can require considerable time to conclude.

During the first meeting, it is beneficial to disclose as much info as possible and respond to as many queries as you can, concerning your case. In particular circumstances, both parties may need to supply expert evidence to support their claims, which can be time-consuming and greatly add to the overall intricacy of your case. Rest assured, however, that your attorney will do everything in their capacity to defend your concerns.

Depend on family and friends

The emotional impact of having to deal with any form of family discord is often agonising. For most, it is typically far less stressful to just push the issue aside and have faith that everything will get better and resolve on its own. To assist you in coping with the grief and despair, it may be beneficial to seek the comfort of friends and family who are aware of your situation and can sympathise with you. Being able to confide in and speak to those close to you that you love and trust about your current plight, will have a calming effect on you.

If you happen to find the prospect of attending the initial meeting with a family lawyer all on your own a little too daunting, remember that you are more than welcome to bring along somebody dear to you.

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