How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Makes Manufacturing Efficient?

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes Manufacturing efficient?

The manufacturing industry is still dealing with IT inefficiency risks. Businesses using CRM software experiencing increment in sales by 29%, productivity by 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by 42%. The problem needs to get detected so that the manufacturing industry can take a simple approach to enhance the processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

The manufacturing industry can avail a number of benefits from a comprehensive CRM solution like MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Statistics reveal that even after knowing the significance of MS dynamics 365, many manufacturers have simply ignored the requirement. Due to this, they had to suffer a lot from poor demand forecasting to inefficient sales processes. CRM has the potential to meet all these challenges in the most robust and integrated way.

Let’s learn the challenges the manufacturing industry encounter in the absence of CRM and how CRM can resolve the issue?

  1. More internal interactions related to order and invoice details

Getting order and invoice details is harder for some sales teams working in manufacturing. Sales representatives will either make a call or send mail the person from their department to get order and invoice details. Most of the time, the details needed by sales reps are available in an ERP or accounting system, but they don’t have access. To fetch the information, they make phone calls and send emails again to the sales team. This consumes time and effort and affects the efficiency of the employees.

How CRM helps in the process?

The order and invoice details can be uploaded to the CRM system, which is then accessed by sales reps and other employees of the manufacturing to carry out the process. This eliminates the requirement of making phone calls and marking emails to staff employees and ultimately enhances efficiency by saving time and effort.

  1. Duplicate sales order detail entry

Sales reps get the orders and convert the leads. Once the manufacturing receives the order, it’s is normal if sales reps deliver the order details to someone else from the sales department. The details can be shared through email, word template, or hand-written document sent to backend staff for manual input. The manual process involves a great risk of loss of sales order details, duplicate entries, errors in the entries, or outdated spreadsheets.

How CRM make risks disappear?

CRM is a system and on this system, every detail of the order is entered in real-time. So, there is no risk of duplicate entry. Also, there will be minimal errors in the entries.

  1. Salespeople need to access open order status

For sales reps, any open order is crucial. They need to know the reason behind the open order. To get the answers, they need to see real-time open order information to manage customer expectations or to assist in order resolving. As sales reps make commissions on invoiced and delivered products, the actual income from these open orders is hidden in their paychecks.

How CRM helps sales reps to close open orders (if any)?

The real-time data is updated on the CRM system and when there is an open order, sales reps can access the details and know the real reason and act in real-time. This is how the entire process gets shrink and they are able to see the open order details and act accordingly.

Does CRM make the Manufacturing more efficient-how?

CRM solves the inefficiency issue in manufacturing through its integrated system which connects the business systems in order to make them work together seamlessly. For sales reps who are unable to access the company ERP system, system integration provides numerous benefits-

  • System integration updates data from ERP to CRM and vice versa
  • Sales people can initiate orders from CRM system
  • When the order is finally ready, it is sent to ERP system for processing
  • Since the order going through the normal process, ERP manages the status and updates the CRM system in real-time so that sales team can view the status.

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration services with ERP, it offers enhanced ability to categorize and filter through order and invoice details. Sales people are able to manage “My Open Orders” list where orders are listed as they are invoiced. Invoice bill details can also be accessed by sales people who need to see in real time for summing invoices on daily/weekly/monthly/or annual basis.

You can also avail an integrated CRM solution for your manufacturing by contacting the reliable CRM development partner in your local. In case you want to outsource CRM development services, you can get in touch with Aegis Soft Tech professionals.

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