How Inexpensive Jewellery Can End Up Costing More in The Long-term

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Jewellery is an essential fashion accessory, particularly for women of all demographics. Gorgeous jewellery pieces accentuate the rest of your attire and improve your overall look. Many make the assumption that such jewellery requires a significant investment, but this isn’t the case and by shopping around, it is possible to find beautiful items at reasonable prices. However, consumers must also understand that trawling for conscientious bargain buys may wind up being more-costly in the longer term.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind before you make the decision to buy inexpensive jewellery.

1) Budget priced jewellery generally equates to Poor quality

If you’ve ever pondered how jewellery shops that sell budget-oriented items manage to turn a profit, the simple answer is that their jewellery is of an inferior standard and is worth much less. Many of the seemingly beautiful gemstone jewellery items that you come across in such stores lack the durability of their pricier counterparts and may ultimately prove to be a waste of money. As far as cheap gems go, one of their biggest shortcomings is in their overall appearance. That is, their inherent physical qualities, such as colour, lustre and their high susceptibility to damage.

2) Greater prevalence of counterfeits

If you’re not a trained jewellery artisan who is able to quickly discern between authentic and fake gemstones, it may not be obvious to you, but most precious gems found in budget stores will be counterfeit or ‘synthetic’ as they’re commonly known in the industry. There’s simply no way for a jeweller to turn a profit while selling a seemingly valuable gemstone piece at a very cheap price, without it being fake. One of the biggest telltale signs that precious metal and/or gemstone jewellery isn’t genuine is when it begins to fade over time.

3) Gemstones are more likely to fall out

With jewellery, all precious stones are held in place by tiny metallic projections, known as prongs. The quality of these prongs determine the ability for the gemstone to remain in place. In cheaper jewellery, the prongs are oftentimes poorly made, greatly increasing the likelihood of the stones coming loose and falling out altogether. Higher quality jewellery guarantees higher quality prongs.

4) Inferior quality gold

If you come across cheap gold jewellery, it either means that it’s gold plated or low karat gold. Both are undesirable and will not be able to cope with the rigours of regular use. If you’re in the market for gold jewellery – especially for an everyday item such as an engagement ring, always aim for a minimum of 14ct, which can be found at affordable prices.

5) Inexpensive jewellery may contain toxic materials

Budget priced jewellery may contain dangerous elements, such as cadmium for example, which is known to increase the risk of kidney disease, osteoporosis and cancer. In recent US studies, research showed that some cheap jewellery contained between 40 and a 100% cadmium, which is staggering, considering the allowable level in the state of California sits at just .03%. Other harmful compounds include lead and nickel, which can trigger allergic reactions and even cause organ damage when exposure is for extended periods of time. Such jewellery is even more of a risk when worn by young children, who have a habit of putting the jewellery near or in their mouths.

Avoid the shortcomings of inexpensive jewellery

While you may save money initially, budget jewellery is in many cases, an unwise investment, instead providing you with inferior quality jewellery that lacks the strength and durability of better quality pieces. Most worryingly, the wearing of inexpensive jewellery can have serious health consequences. Avoid the risks and assure yourself of high-quality jewellery at affordable prices by consulting with a reputable jewellery store today.

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