How to Improve Your Website

Do you want your business to be presented in the best way? Of course you do.

Your website speaks volumes about you and your business, and your online presentation is the ingredient that can set you apart from your competitors. That said, you need to invest both time and energy to make your website shine.

We shouldn’t waste any more time, so let’s dive right into the improvements you can (and should) make after reading this article .

Check Your Spelling

Proper spelling is a must if you want to present your business in the best possible light. You need to give the impression of being a professional who pays attention to every single detail. If your website is full of spelling mistakes, your visitors won’t think twice about what to do next - they’ll run for the hills. You can’t afford to lose your customers’ trust. Unless you want to see your potential customers in the arms of your competitors, you’ll take spelling seriously.

Bottom line - Spelling is important.

If you think you can’t spot all the misspellings in your content, you can use Respelt to spell check your entire website in a couple of hours.

Build an Effective Landing Page

People need to understand your website’s raison d'être and how to use it the moment they visit it. The page design is what impresses your first-time visitors and points them in the direction of your goal. Don’t let them get lost trying to figure out where to go or what to do, otherwise they’ll be gone before you know it. What you need to do is keep your landing page design simple.

A clean and simple design will grab your visitors’ attention and ensure they don’t bounce right off the page.

Not sure how to enhance your landing page? Head over to The Pit , submit your page and you’ll gain valuable feedback from other community members.

Make it Easier to Navigate

Good usability and great design are something you should strive to achieve. However, you shouldn’t neglect the former in favour of the latter. Your site’s ease of use is extremely important. What you need to do is make investments in improving both usability and design.

How will you know what the problems are? Just ask your users for feedback, or see what your friends have to say about their experience with your website. It’s that simple. You need to identify the main problem and see for yourself how difficult the navigation is by tracking the user flow. identify the main problem. Most importantly, you ought to check if the content your visitors are searching for is easy to find. In addition, make sure your customer support is easily reachable, and if you run an e-commerce site, then you have to ensure that the payment process is not complicated.

If you want to see how people use your site and get valuable advice and feedback, go to Peek.

Make it Responsive

In this day and age, your website has to work with a plethora of devices, platforms and browsers. However, this doesn’t mean you should go overboard and make a complex site, but rather stick to simple design that looks great across various devices. In addition, pay heed to your users’ preferences and do everything in your power to improve their overall browsing experience. The first of many steps is to constantly work towards finding new solutions for each screen size, platform and orientation.

You can check how responsive your site is by using  Am I Responsive, a tool which gives you the opportunity to see how your site looks on different devices.

Create and Test Call-to-Action Buttons

Having quality content and a lot of traffic to your website is great, but what about the action you want your visitors to perform? Do you expect them to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter or download an e-book? If so, you need to make sure your site ‘tells’ them they should engage in a specific activity, that is, your site should have something that will drive these visitors through to a conversion. This ‘something’ is a call-to-action button. Creating an irresistible CTA that’s easy to find is crucial. Moreover, you ought to test the effectiveness of various calls to action to see which one converts the best.

If you find calls to action daunting and don’t know how to create them, HubSpot CTAs will come to your rescue.

Good luck!

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