How Effective Onboarding and Customer Education Can Help Reduce Support Cost

How Effective Onboarding and Customer Education Can Help Reduce Support Cost

Historically businesses have developed into ‘siloed’ functional units like Professional Services, Educational Service, Support Services and more.
In the modern time, successful and innovative businesses are increasingly binding their post-sales functions to develop an integrated and holistic customer experience, which creates a high-impact chance for collaboration between the Customer Education and Support teams.

Now, most startups and small businesses as they grow over time, also find their customer base increasing rapidly, with hundreds of new customers signing up every month.
Unfortunately, this rapid business growth also accompanies a related spike in support tickets and repetitive questions that overloads the Support teams.

Therefore, in an effort to reduce this load and decrease the overall number of ‘How To’ type of questions that the support teams receive, in today’s world innovative startup companies using best small business CRM software solutions, turns to its Customer Education and Onboarding Team for help.

This is because based on existing customer data in the CRM database, companies can identify a plethora of commonly-asked questions and use them as the basis for educational resources, by uploading them on customer training online portals, in the form of articles and videos, which can provide the customers with self-service support and deliver easy-to-share materials for Customer Support agents that they can use in lieu of time-taking, one-on-one calls, so that your Support reps can prioritize the requirements of their higher-value customers.

In fact, one of our MCA CRM software customers in the Alternative Financing business saw a 5 percent decrease in ‘How To’ based support tickets within two months of uploading these Customer Education related resources. 

Therefore, based on our works with the different customer right from users of MCA CRM to many other industries, here are four best practices that we have uncovered that facilities collaboration between Customer Support and Customer Education teams:

1. Develop Content based on Support Ticket Trends

According to a benchmark report recently published by ZenDesk, most successful businesses see more than 20 thousand support tickets every month, with TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association) reporting that more than 48 percent of these support inquiries are ‘How To’ tickets.

Hence, if you are seeing a rise in your support tickets about any particular offering, consider generating educational contents that can guide customers through the ‘How’, ‘What’ or ‘Why’ about that offering.

Doing this will not only help your Support Teams to reduce the time (and associated cost) they spend solving questions about the features and benefits of your brand’s offerings, but it also aids them to distribute this saved time resolving complex and higher value issues.

2. Provide On-demand Options for Learning

In a research published by Forrester, it has been observed that modern tech-savvy customers prefer to avail self-service options which they can learn from on-demand educational support channels as opposed to getting connected with an actual Support Agent of your team.

Therefore, providing customer access to on-demand product and service-related educational contents are a trustworthy means to lessen customer’s reliance on Support.

This is because, self-service contents like video-walk through,  webinars, quizzes, articles, blogs, worksheets and more related assets which can be bundled and provided in the training pathway, helps users of your offerings access new and refreshing contents anytime and anywhere as per their convenience and needs.

3. Architect Onboarding Content for Product Updates

As opposed to point-in-time exercises, proper onboarding of the customers is one of the best approaches which acts as an ongoing process that helps in driving the continuing evolution of the changing customer needs and also the product functionalities which consist of frequent updates, every time your company releases a new feature and so customers need to learn how the new function relates to their needs or how they can apply it on their day-to-day works.   

In the past, brands have used special in-person training or have used special calls to share their product updates with their customers.
However, now in this age of digital marketing, companies can create their contents and then share the contents with all their customers at once, using marketing automation in their easy to use CRM software, which eliminates the need for in-person onboarding or one-to-one training. 

4. Integrate with Other Business Tools

In addition to proactively addressing the challenges faced by the Customer Support teams, the integration of Customer Education data into Customer Support platforms which can be done by integrating your company’s Knowledge Base with an easy to use CRM helps in providing a fuller picture of your customer’s health and engagements.

Moreover, when your Support Agents are already aware what training a customer has taken beforehand it can also aid the agents to provide targeted recommendations to address the knowledge gap and resolve problems with lesser back-and-forth interactions, along with reinforcing the customers with a self-service mindset for resolving their issues.  

Finally- How to get started?

Therefore, once you have made your Customer Education and Support Teams working together, get started to build an onboarding process and a customer training program that produces more effective customer support.

For more information, you can also track your brand’s help center’s page view analytics and document the common themes that arise and thereafter develop additional ‘how to’ contents for creating more meaningful customer experiences for the consumers of your brand.

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