How Digital Technology Has Changed Modern Hearing Aids

How Digital Technology Has Changed Modern Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids have come a long way from the days of basic analog hearing aids which were bulky, uncomfortable and had a lot of background noise. Thanks to advancements in digital technology over the years, digital hearings aids now offer discretion with its small, barely visible form along with a number of powerful features that really give users a life-changing experience. How exactly have hearing aid services evolved over the years? Keep reading to find out! 

Going back in time, the very first hearing aids available were ear trumpets and these unsightly, large speakers that would hang uncomfortably behind the user’s ears and emit feedback every the time you got within close proximity of someone else - can you imagine having a painful screech in your ear whenever you tried to hug a loved one! Thankfully, over the years, professionals were able to address the concerns users had with using these models by digging deeper and learning more about the inner ear and how hearing occurs. By doing this they were able to significantly improve the hearing aid services to keep with the improvements in hearing aid technology at the time and analog hearing aids were made available. 

While analog hearing aids were an improvement from the previous hearing aids available, analog technology still only offered simple amplification of incoming sounds and as such there was still a lot of background noise which meant users still had great difficulty when it came to understanding speech clearly with these hearing aids. This resulted in many of those who needed a hearing aid, not using them in order to avoid discomfort - a conundrum that needed solving! 

The breakthrough that everyone suffering from a hearing loss was hoping for soon came and it was all thanks to advancements in digital technology! Digital technology now made it possible for a hearing aid to make complex decisions about processing sounds in the background and as such, digital hearing aids would now allow customization to suit your unique hearing requirements. The process usually starts with a basic online hearing test where users can identify if they are in fact suffering from a hearing loss. If they do have a hearing loss, they would then need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist where more advanced tests will be carried out in person and your digital hearing aid will be fine-tuned using digital technology to suit your needs. For instance, your digital hearing aid can be programmed to recognize exactly what pitches require greater amplification to avoid feedback and minimize headaches. Digital technology advancements mean that digital hearing aids have sensitive microcomputers to clean up and clarify the sound waves minus background noise to ensure the best sound quality hits your inner ear for translating! 

Another common problem faced by hearing aid users is having to replace the extremely small batteries if they have dexterity issues. New digital technology has led to improved the battery life of hearing aids and now some digital hearing aids even offer integrated rechargeable batteries that require charging overnight in a dock similar to a phone charger - simple, quick and affordable when compared to replacing batteries! 

Smart technology has also revolutionized digital hearing aids to allow automatic adaptation to the environment you’re in with no manual adjustment required. For instance, some advanced digital hearing aids allow seamless, wireless connection to tablets, mobile phones, televisions and much more so that wearers don’t have to manually change volume settings - your hearing aids become your own personalized headsets in these situations! 

The possibilities are endless as digital technology advances and while digital hearing aids now even allow messages on the functioning of household electronic devices such as voice notification when the doorbell is ringing and even direct communication between teachers and students in classroom settings for absolute convenience, there’s more to come and we can’t wait to see how the hearing aid services evolve further in the years to come!

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