How Designer Sunglasses Are Made

How Designer Sunglasses Are Made

When browsing for sunglasses online in shops, there’s no surprise that most people will often look for a reputable vendor that offers original designer sunglasses because of the beautiful styles, but primarily because designer sunglasses, while more expensive than cheaper counterfeits, are high-quality and can be trusted to keep your eyes well-protected from the harmful rays of the sun. When buying women’s sunglasses online in shops or anywhere in the world for that matter, we often forget that the primary purpose of sunglasses is for protection, though it also does a wonderful job of completing your outfit and helping you make a fashion statement too! Thus, it’s important to buy a good quality pair of designer sunglasses online in shops, but what exactly is the difference and how are designer sunglasses made?

What makes choosing designer sunglasses online in shops a better option? For one thing, designer sunglasses are more durable and are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards to ensure they are long-lasting and do a fantastic job of keeping your eyes well protected! Designer sunglasses like all other good quality products all start with a concept. The designer of the sunglasses will sit down with the product manager and first decide on a concept for that specific type of sunglasses. For instance,  is the design more suitable for men or women, will it be created in a way suitable for those who are taking part in water sports, will they suitable for people with round faces, etc.! Once this stage has been completed, there are still many stages to go before your women’s and men’s sunglasses online in shops become available!

After the concept has been finalized with the product manager, the designer will then look for inspiration from everywhere when creating the design - nature, art, pop-culture, architecture, and furniture, nothing is really off-limits at this stage! Using these influences, the designer will create a mood-board to capture the mood/vibe of the design that they have envisioned to meet the design concept that was hashed out with the product manager earlier.

Upon completion of the mood board, the designer and the product manager will in some cases go through it again to make any additions before finally moving onto making drafts! Essentially, most designers approach this stage differently - they may either draw inspiration from sunglasses from a specific era in time if they’re looking to create retro sunglasses for instance or draw inspiration from their childhood if the design is for kid’s sunglasses.

After the draft has been created and approved, the designer will get to work on creating the first prototype - probably the most time-consuming stage that requires a lot of work! Materials will be looked at chosen depending on the requirement. While most sunglasses online in shops are produced using acetate or injected plastic, you can also opt for wood or specific metals such as titanium which are long-lasting! Depending on the material they decide on, the prototype is modeled and 3d scanned so that the next and final steps of the design process before manufacture are made via computer-aided design (cad) programs.

There are essentially different ways to manufacture the beautiful sunglasses online in shops that you buy, but when you buy designer sunglasses you know that it is a very labor-intensive process that is detail-oriented to ensure that the end-product is the perfect blend of functionality and design!

Always choose to buy your men’s or women’s sunglasses online from a reputable vendor that stocks only world-renowned designs that are originals and not cheap imitations - your eyes will thank you for sure!

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