How To Create Strong Loyalty In Small Businesses Using Business Growth Tools

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In recent times, modern consumers have never-ending options in front of them when it comes to choosing new products, brands, or services. This means that the customer’s expectations are extremely high in the present times, which calls for immediacy, responsiveness, personalization, and product quality that are some of the key reasons which will make the consumers choose to be loyal to a brand over another.

However, one major element that holds the key to solidifying loyalty of the customers and consequently boost earnings is correctly leveraging customer feedback for the growth of your business.

Hence, here are four tried and proven tactics to help reinforce your customer loyalty in SMB organizations through feedbacks from your customers using the best small and medium business CRM software for consistent business growth:

1. Remain Proactive

Customers are hard-pressed to leave feedback in any form, but we often forget that there are real people on both ends of the exchange. Therefore, even though there are several brands that think that they are building their products and services around the consumers of their offerings, nevertheless in reality researches show that businesses only hear from even lesser than 1 percent of their customer in their customer base (which we may call here as the vocal minority) and the remaining 99 percent customers becomes the proverbial ‘silent majority’, whereby their critical feedbacks and loyalty are neither fostered nor prioritized by the companies. 

According to a study published by a leading market survey organization, it has been acknowledged that customers who have engaged actively with a brand remain 4X times more likely to use the brand’s offerings even after four to six months after their primary and initial contact.

Therefore providing a place for receiving and acknowledging feedbacks from the customer of your offerings is a great way to begin, although most consumers only reach out unprompted only if they have an issue or a problem that requires the help to be fixed. Therefore, to get in front of the customer, you need to make a proactive effort to show how important their customer feedbacks are for your business.

To do this, it is best to proactively engage the customers throughout their digital experience, whereby you can start by taking a simple survey and asking a few questions about their latest experience with your brand, which can be performed very conveniently if you are using a business growth tool for your small business like a CRM for small and medium businesses, showing your customers that you care.

2. Engage at the right moment

Well now that we understand that it is required to engage the customers of your brand, hence let us discuss further what is ‘the right and the perfect moment” within a digital experience and how this moment actually looks like.

Encouraging your customers to provide you with feedback is all about beginning a conversation with the consumers of your offerings, and therefore, asking for feedback at the right moment is needed to give this conversation the best opportunity to begin.

To do this it is crucial that you understand your customer’s journey and pick up the best point for communication (e.g. if they view a certain page after a customer has completed a purchase, or when they complete a level, etc.)by finding the right time to ask for their feedback.

However, it must be remembered that you as a business organization ought to remain modestly conservative on how often you ask for the feedback and that you should give the customers sufficient time to engage with their experience that they are having with your brand, before you begin asking for their feedback using surveys with the help of easy to use CRM , for the first time.

3. Listen (really listen) to feedback

It has been found that far too often; businesses do not take actions based on the feedback the customers provide to the companies.

Now, it must be explicitly understood that a dearth of interaction and communication can affect both the customer’s willingness and the customer’s loyalty for your brand to provide feedback in the future.

Therefore, it is most imperative that your customers must be feel heard when they present feedback, which can be validated in the following ways:

Say thank you

Never forget to reply to your customers with a sincere “thanking you” message even though you have received identical feedback from other customers for a thousand times or the feedback that you received was incredibly rude.

Follow up

Do remember to follow up with the consumers of your offerings after they leave their feedback, and reflect on providing them something free for their valuable time, for customers who may have larger issues.

Be honest

Sometimes it is not possible to solve a problem on the spot. Hence, if a customer posts feedback around a pain-point or an issue that happens to be at a low priority level or just cannot be solved right away, be honest and tell them the reason why.

Provide Credit

Always give credit where it is due by giving thanks to your customers who brought your attention to an issue with your offerings. Taking a step further by personally calling those who provided such vital feedbacks and offerthem thanks privately, which often makes even those customers who get their problems solved become some of your biggest fans.

Remember that whether the sentiment is negative or positive, customer feedback is critically valuable and should always be considered as an opportunity to know how you can make a better product for your customers.

4 Measure your brand's progress

Executing a strategy always helps in improving your customer’s experience with your brand, and therefore drives loyalty in the primary part of the battle. However, measuring success is also equally important, since without tracking your success you will never be able to measure the progress that you have made.

If you are using an enterprise-level CRM or the best CRM for small business used by most SMB organizations, consider following these five metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your customer’s experience over time.

- Average session length

-Frequency of sessions

-Track customer sentiment through NPS (Net Promoter Score)

-The bounce rate of various pages and email campaigns

-Activity per sessions


With the present time’s ever-expanding market, consumers have no dearth of options to choose from when determining their loyalty towards a brand.
Hence, when feedbacks from the customers are not asked for or they are not taken seriously consumers of your offerings tend to jump at the chance to find a brand that prioritizes it.

Therefore to end, we trust these four strategies above will help you greatly to understand the feedbacks that you receive from your customers in a more evocative way, and so help drive world-class customer loyalty by using a business growth technology like a CRM and making use of your digital experience.

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