How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

How to Clean Your Shutters & Blinds in the Most Effective Way

When choosing window furnishings for your home or office, one of the main criteria to consider when browsing through the extensive selection of blinds and shutters is low maintenance costs in terms of money and effort too! You ideally do not want to waste too much time cleaning your window furnishings and while some designs are easier to clean than others, here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind when cleaning blinds and shutters to keep them in good shape over the years without having to spend too much time on this!

Probably a little more complicated than other shutters and blinds to clean, honeycomb blinds should first be dusted using a microfiber cloth (available at all hardware and lifestyle stores). However, it does not stop there as the unique cellular nature of honeycomb blinds means that the cells have to be cleaned effectively to remove everything from dust to dead insects which can easily get trapped within the cells! To clean out trapped debris within the cells, you should position a can of compressed air at the mouth of each cell perfectly and then press the nozzle down to release a stream of compressed air to clear the cells of dead insects and collected dust. If finding a can of compressed air is difficult, you can always opt to use a hairdryer instead which also works effectively to remove the collected dust and insects. However, it is important to only use the hairdryer on a low cool setting as heat can cause the glue to be affected and your honeycomb blinds to be damaged! Irrespective of whether you’re using a hairdryer or a can of compressed air, it’s important to place a paper or cloth on the other side to avoid a mess when the debris comes flying out!

Bought panel glides and wondering how to keep it clean and in good shape? Panel glides are probably one of the easiest types of blinds and shutters to keep clean! To keep the dust that collects at a minimum you will need to simply dust the panel glides regularly with a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. In terms of spot cleaning to remove any dirt or grime that collects, it’s still pretty straightforward and just simply requires a wipe down of the affected fabric panels with a sponge soaked in lukewarm warm water - keep it free of detergents to start with, but if the marks persist use a mild detergent. Once this step has been completed, the panels can be dried gently using a clean cloth!

Day and night roller blinds are no different too and should always be dusted first with a microfiber fabric or even an acrylic or polyester sock which works effectively to pick up collecting dust - this stage can be done while the blinds are still hanging. Some people opt to use a vacuum for the dusting stage, but if you do so, it’s very important to remember to use the vacuum on the lowest suction setting to avoid damaging the fabric panels. Once the panels have been thoroughly dusted on both sides. You should carefully remove the day and night blinds and place them in a bathtub that’s filled with a mild detergent and warm water. Keep the blinds soaking in the tub for roughly one hour and after this gently rinse them with warm water to remove the soap - aim to carefully dislodge any collected dirt and grime at this stage too using a sponge. Before reinstalling the blinds, it is crucial to make sure the blinds have thoroughly dried - try to avoid using a dryer as the high heat can result in the fabric panels being damaged.

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