How to Choose an Engagement and Wedding Ring That Matches

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Selecting an engagement ring and wedding ring whose styles complement each other, can sometimes prove a little difficult. This article seeks to make the task that much easier for you.

1) Choose the correct ring size

As you intend to surprise your partner with your engagement ring, it’s important that you can find out their ring size without asking them for it. Here’s a number of ways you can look to go about this:

  • Download a ring sizer app from the iTunes store or Google Play
  • Ask one of her friends or sisters to get this info for you

2) Choosing the engagement ring

The different styles

The most important aspect of the engagement ring is its style. The aim is to decide on a design that will prompt your lover to wear it forever. Far too often, the groom will instead become obsessed with the specifications of the diamond(s) or gemstone(s). When trying to decide on the perfect engagement ring, look at your partner’s dress sense. If she is more inclined to wear clothes that have a more refined look, then the classic single diamond (solitaire) style will be perfect.

On the other hand, if she has a tendency to wear more ostentatious outfits and adornments, then it’s more appropriate to buy an equally lavish ring. A great way to learn about your partner’s taste in jewellery is to ask her close friends.

The band’s colour

The traditional choice is of course yellow gold, but the alternatives such as white gold, platinum and even rose gold, have all become very popular choices in recent times. Remember, it’s all about choosing what colour is best for your partner. Once again, asking her friends for their opinion, should help you decided on the ideal colour to buy. Although more affordable than the metals listed above, silver is an unsuitable choice for jewellery pieces such as engagement rings, which are worn daily, as it’s far too soft and prone to damage.

The band’s quality

The hardest and most durable metal is platinum, but it also happens to be the most expensive. That said, even though the initial outlay is higher, the cost of maintaining it over a long period of time is negligible, making it a wise investment. An alternative material such as white gold for example - although cheaper to buy, can require the owner to replace the layer of rhodium that covers the ring up to twice a year, which does add up over the long term.

Diamond cuts that best suit the wearer’s fingers

Everyone’s hands and fingers are uniquely proportioned. Some have long, slender fingers, while others may have shorter, thicker fingers, for example. Based on the particular shape of your partner’s hands and fingers, you are able to choose a diamond cut that is most flattering for them.

1) Round cut – the most common diamond shape, the round cut looks fabulous on every hand.

2) Emerald cut – its distinct shape has the ability to make the wearer’s fingers appear more slender than they really are, making them perfect for somebody with shorter hands.

3) Princess cut – similar to the round cut, the princess cut is an ideal shape for all wearers.

4) Marquise cut – this cut makes the wearer’s fingers appear longer and more slender, once again making it a perfect choice for those with shorter fingers.

5) Oval cut – this style of diamond looks marvellous on everyone.

6) Cushion cut – this shape is ideal for those with broader fingers.

7) Pear shape – this shape is great at giving the illusion of longer and more slender fingers, making it an ideal choice for those with shorter fingers.

The diamond (or gemstone) quality

Consult with a jewellery store who will be able to advise you on the finest quality diamond or gemstone for your particular price point.

Choosing the right wedding ring

It’s okay to use different metals

It’s important to understand that having an engagement ring and wedding ring made from different materials isn’t going to pose a problem.

Mixing different styles

Whilst it’s perfectly fine to have engagement and wedding rings that originate from two different time periods, it’s important that you avoid choosing ones that are likely to conflict with each other.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

It’s essential to remember that most jewellery shops do not stock all sizes of a particular wedding ring design, so as a rule it’s always a good idea to order the ring at least three months prior to the wedding date, just to be on the safe side.

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