How To Adjust Your Marketing Strategies During These COVID-19 Pandemic Times

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Crisis brings both temporary and long-lasting changes both in business and personal lives. Now to tell the truth, even before COVID-19 the buying process of the consumers was shifting, the customer experience changing, and approaches in marketing were adapting to changes across the globe. Therefore this Pandemic does not change those facts, even though standing in these turbulent times it does create more importunity to adjust.

In the present times, we all understand that customers are increasingly wanting more information who are at the top of the sales funnel before they want to get them engaged with any sales reps nowadays. Hence this demand requires quality content and regular outreach to the consumers, even though many marketers are doubtful if it is okay to continue with their outreach programs in these dark and turbulent times.
Now if you are also one of them, as one of the most popular Salesforce Alternative CRM vendors for small businesses, we would like to say that it depends on just one factor- Relevancy.

Therefore if your offerings are relevant right now in these dire times, and they are to solve a pressing problem for your target audience, then, by all means, we would advise you to proceed with your brand’s outreach.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep it professional, concise and focused on the benefits that your product or service is capable of providing to the consumers.

However, if your brand does not have a relevant offering, as one of the most popular vendors of CRM for SMB with hundreds of businesses using our product, we would suggest you to hit the pause button on outreach, even though not entirely on marketing. 

Hence, in this period, it is better that you must focus on the following three areas that are extremely important to build a sound marketing strategy by which you will be able to position yourself for a fast start when the time is right:

1. Adjust Your SWOT

This is the right time to take a fresh look at your brand’s SWOT Analysis by reassessing its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, which you must do now based on a whole set of new assumptions.
In particular, during these times of Pandemic, you need to analyze and update your products or service’s Opportunities and Threats for business growth .

Here are some of the key questions you need to reevaluate regarding your brand’s current Opportunities:

How can your offering help the buyers now in these dire times?
What do your customers need most and why?
Which in-house skill-sets of your business relate to the present circumstances?
What information does your business need that would be perfect for creating an informed marketing process for your business?

Now here are some of the other points that you must need to assess in respect to your current Threats:

What can be the worst-case scenario regarding the continuity of your business?
What are the potential risks that you need to monitor to keep your business running?
What are your expectations that your competitors might do?
What are the matters that need your immediate concern?

2. Adjust The Schedule And Focus Of Your Content

It is natural that today the content plan that you created at the start of this year may not be effectual or relevant in this Pandemic affected marketplace. Hence it is pragmatic to review your content strategy, based on your current business landscape.

Therefore, even if outreach is not just appropriate for your business right now, this is a great time to evaluate your content with a fresh set of eyes across all channels – email, website, collateral, PPC and others, to assess what is working and what is not, and what needs to be adjusted in the present light of this Pandemic.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to focus on your content plan:

Check your content for relevancy, especially your gated and high-performing content
Find out if you can leverage crisis-related keywords that are relevant to your offerings
Access how stale or current your blogs are, and freshen it as needed
Dust off old collaterals and ensure that they are still on-message and on-strategy
Evaluate that your businesses’ landing pages are appropriate to the present market’s needs

In these dire times, you may have to reset your content schedule, since while it is typically a good idea to develop a content calendar a couple of months at a time, but in the present scenario, as conditions are rapidly changing too fast, it is not a good idea to plan out that far. Rather you should take a more malleable and agile approach by planning content only a week or two ahead.

Pay special response to social media

In times of disorder, people desire to remain connected, which is especially true now, given how sequestered and quarantined we all are feeling amidst stay-at-home and social distancing orders that have been passed in countries all across the globe.

Hence in this Pandemic your prospects and customers are more likely to spend a greater part of their time on social media platforms, which means if you are also there your brand’s social presence will find more attention nowadays.

Therefore use this time to access your social media strategies and activities and refine them if needed.

For this look closely at:

All your social followers- Who are they and the type of content they are engaging with
Your profile- Ensure that your company’s and your individual bios are engaging and up-to-date
Your message- Find whether they are relevant for the present times, consistent with your brand and are adequately personalized to encourage connections


Therefore even if it may not be the right time for your brand to engage in outreach, nevertheless this is the best possible time in history to refine, access, and prepare your customer marketing strategy for what we are yet to see on the other side of this Pandemic, since the growth and success of your business in the near future completely depends on what you must do now.

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