Hiring a Personal Trainer – A Blessing or an Affliction?

personal trainer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the fitness industry is expected to receive an astounding growth of 20 percent by the year 2018. According to a survey by IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association), strength training was the most popular service offered by personal trainers whereas balance training and functional exercise followed it.

We all know that stars and financial moguls hire personal trainers as they need to keep their image intact in front of the audience. Moreover, a common perception is that these trainers charge a huge sum of money and not everyone can afford them.

If you are in a dilemma whether hiring a personal trainer is the right choice for you or not, read on to find out what a personal trainer can do:

Achieving a Healthy Motivational Lifestyle

The most valuable advantage of working with a personal trainer is that they continuously monitor your progress of exercise and help you in overcoming the hurdles. They don’t let you get demotivated and prove to be a steady source which helps you in staying on the track. With the help of a trainer, you will also be able to fine-tune the program and bring about the necessary changes as per the requirement of your body.

Learning the Proper Technique and Form

Not doing the exercises the right way can actually lead to an injury which can sideline you. If you want to attain the maximum benefit from your workout, you need to indulge in the exercises in the right way. A personal trainer will maximize the results by correcting the posture and technique and giving you a high value for your actions. Nothing is more frustrating than a prolonged bedrest when you are on your way to achieving your fitness goals. A certified personal trainer will reduce the risk for you and take you closer to your dream.

Highlighting Your Unique Health Concerns

A survey by IDEA revealed that around 50 percent of the clients of the personal trainers are afflicted with some kind of medical issue. Either they have diseases like arthritis or diabetes or are in trouble because of their excess weight or consistent body pains on a regular basis. Even those who are recovering from an injury are recommended by their physical therapist or physician to hire a physical trainer so that their safe and speedy recovery is ensured and they achieve all their health goals.

Improving Physical Mental Health Too

All kinds of physical activity have been known to alleviate mental stress and help you in getting rid of depression. A physical trainer will not only help you in achieving your physical fitness goals but also help you in enjoying an enhanced mental health. He will not let you lose hope and will recommend such exercises which help in releasing more endorphins. Thus, he will be responsible for a happier life and will be a strong shoulder of support for you to lean on.

In 2002, a study was published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” that indicated the importance of certification and right knowledge in the field of personal training. Around 115 professionals were surveyed who revealed that they carried a bachelor’s degree or a strong certification from a reputed school in order to strengthen their knowledge of personal training.

To ensure fruitful results from your tough regime, it is essential that one must hire such a physical trainer who is fully trained and has apt knowledge in his field. This will be a guarantee that hiring a personal trainer who is knowledgeable and learned will indeed prove to be a blessing.

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