Great Tips for Initiating Automated Alerts with Easy to Use CRM Software

Easy to Use CRM

Automated alerts from customer support platforms like easy to use CRM solutions be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software for small businesses can provide an early indicator which is capable of helping you to save an account, find opportunities to expand that account, and speaking generally permit the users of the system to act proactively in contributing to their customer success story.

Now if you already know what is CRM, and is thinking about implementing alerts for rapid sales and business growth, here are some potential tips you may want to consider as triggers that you must set in your easy to use CRM:

Upholding Awareness Surrounding Your Accounts

  • Open tickets over X amount in the last 30 days - This implies that the customer requires additional training or maybe frustrated with their user experience.
  • Customer lagging behind in journey - This may indicate that the customer is unable to comprehend what to do next or is struggling.
  • Utilization of license is below X% - This may be an indication that the user is not adopting as per expectations or requires further training. 

Providing Yourself A Head-Up On Usage Trends

  • Decrease in event by X% over Y period of time - Since the customer has a noticeable decline in usage of a care function or login this can indicate that as they are no longer engaged they are looking elsewhere for their solution.
  • First time usage - Instead of focusing on the negatives, consider setting alerts in your easy to use CRM software for the first time users of your offerings, or when someone uses a complex feature, whereby you can reach them out and offer help.
  • POC (Point of Contact) usage - POC does not let you know that your customers have left your brand. Hence find out in advance by setting up an alert as to when your customers have stopped performing actions with your solution.

Consider Creating Some Alters That Will Help In Managing Relationships

  • Churn score variation - Consider setting an alert when your customers cross into the red zone, for prompting further investigations.
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) – The scores that your customers provide can be very telling. Hence set up an alert in your easy to use CRM when your customers become Passive, Detractor, or Promoter.
  • Frequency of contact - Depending on how mature your customer is in the Customer Journey, this alert can be helpful to find if you have not got engaged with your customer for X number of days.
  • Specific contact online - This alert can help you when the key Decision Makers or POCs log in to renewal so that you can catch them for a discussion.

Keep Yourself On Time And Organized With These Alerts

  • A task well overdue – It is worthwhile to be alerted by your CRM when a high priority job is past its due date by X days to avoid anything without being addressed going too far.
  • Check and balance – Should a field on the account be updated by an opportunity or a specific point in the customer journey is created but is still missing, it is necessary to receive an alert to make sure all the information is up-to-date.
  • Missed step- At times we get so much wrapped up in the works that something we forget to log. For example, if you are supposed to attend a QBR every 3 months but you have forgotten to log one- consider setting up an alert in your easy to use CRM to get the action of setting it up on your radar.

Reveal Key Opportunities For Expansion And Retention

  • Customer approaching license limit – It is advisable to set up a limit when your customer is within 10-90 percent of license utilization. This will allow you to approach your customers ahead of time to recommend more licenses before they hit their limits.
  • Recommend complementary features – When a customer has adopted a feature of your solution in full which is well-complimented by another feature, set up an alert to reach out to that customer at that point of time to educate the customer the value of using both the solutions in tandem.
  • Low churn score and renewal – If a renewal is due within the next 60 days and the Churn Score is lesser than X, this alert can be a huge opportunity to reach out and secure an early renewal. 


Even though all these sixteen alerts might not fit in all businesses, nevertheless, be the best judge to use as many alerts from this list that you can, to avoid dropping the ball while using an easy to use CRM for your brand and thereby being intimated in advance and on real-time mode foster rapid business growth.

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