Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail - Top Three Webmail Service Providers. Choose the One for You

With the emergence of internet as the major communication medium, it gave way to various channels for contact. Email came out as great means of interaction between people located even in two other corners of the world. Number of giant players came up with the concept of free email service, a lucrative and pioneering change in mode of connectivity. Microsoft, Yahoo & Google entered as the popular players of this domain and from then this race of providing beneficial email service began.

Microsoft Hotmail (Now Known as

Being the top rated email service, Hotmail has always been the first priority of users since first year of its creation. Takeover by Microsoft has added in its massive popularity and now almost every new internet user has an email id registered on It was expected to be the only leader before Google entered in this field (with Gmail offering 1 GB mail space). Being the top-rated email service provider, Hotmail is the favorite target for hackers. But the fact can’t be denied that Microsoft products are always enveloped with the high quality anti-spam techniques and strong virus combat filters. With pleasant HTML email characteristics, it also works very fine with other products of Microsoft like MSN Messenger & MSN Spaces. 

Gmail -

Released on 1st April, 2004 in beta phase, where Gmail made a pioneering history with a announcement of offering 1GB free email storage space, which was 500 times more than the space offered by Hotmail and 250 times more than space offered by Yahoo Mail. 
Its clean interface with easy to use features and vast storage space places it at top in the race of best email service provider. But none of the technology is loaded with full perfection characters and so is the case with Gmail. It doesn't runs fine on Opera and other old versions of known browsers. Even it lacks HTML support for writing and seeing messages.

The feature which is mostly not liked by others in Gmail are the unobtrusive ads on the right side of email, which are generated on the basis of email or content you are viewing; on basis of which ads are displayed for Google's revenue. Google has declared it as work done by robots but though creates frustration among reader who get confused while reading mails.

Another controversial issue with Gmail is of trashed mails. These trashed messages are there on server and can be accessed by hackers. This is because Google stores the mail even if deleted for as long as it wishes to keep it, which can be used for security checks but also gives a way to unauthorized users to peep into your mail data.

Yahoo Mail -

Being at the second position in email world, Yahoo keeps coming with latest pioneering features as per the requirement and changing mindset of new generation. Yahoo also offers massive volume of space for data storage but still lags behind Google. Yahoo comprises of robust features with small ads which are neither too much obtrusive nor contextual. With high-tech spam filters, it is also known for quick and instant Yahoo customer support service available 24*7, which adds in the variety of interesting services availed by its users (as they can enjoy a hassle-free mail communication by giving quick call at technical problem support number for Yahoo, if and whenever stuck in any problem).   

It is very hard to choose one among these top three email brands, with one exceeding other in innovative features. Yahoo, Gmail & have in true sense changed the way communication has been looked upon since years; along with a speedy connectivity between people world around.

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