Eyeglasses (Spectacles) for Vision Correction

Eyeglasses (Spectacles) for Vision Correction

When purchasing eyeglasses (spectacles or prescription sunglasses) there is more than you need to look at other than just how trendy the shape is or how cheap it is for that matter! Whether you’re purchasing spectacles from a physical store or buying sunglasses online, you should always only use reputable opticians such as Eric Rajapakse, Spexbay or Shop. Visioncare that only carry carefully curated collections of genuine eyewear that is safe for you and your whole family. If you’re working on finding the right eyeglasses for you, here’s a few things that you should keep in mind!  

Eye Vision Test

One of the first things you need to have done prior to choosing spectacles or prescription sunglasses is to have an eye vision test conducted by a well-recognized optician using diagnostic technology to provide accurate readings in order to enable effective vision rehabilitation. We often forget that it is important that an eye vision test is conducted at least yearly for children, as well as adults.

During an eye vision test, computerized equipment will be used to assess your overall eye health from the basics like color vision testing to eye pressure testing, ocular mobility and more. Remember, when looking to have an eye vision test, always do your research to help you choose a reputed optician - after all, your vision is not something you want to play around with!

Face Shape

Once you have the results of your prescription test you can move onto choosing the right shape of spectacles or sunglasses online or from a physical store to suit your unique face shape. There are usually a few general guidelines to follow such as those with an oval face should favor eyeglasses that have a strong bridge and are geometric in shape - they should stay away from sunglasses that are overly large and cover the majority of your face resulting in the loss of symmetry and natural balance.

Apart from these general guidelines, remember to pick a style that just speaks to you! For instance, if you’re buying men's sunglasses online and you spot a pair that captures your vibe perfectly, as long as it’s from a well-recognized brand, you should definitely go for it!


While those trendy spectacles may look to-die-for, is the intricate detailing on the edges really going to last when you’re battling to get your kids ready for school? Your lifestyle is a very practical point that should be considered, but it is often forgotten. When browsing to find the perfect sunglasses or spectacles, consider the durability if you’re highly active and the unique style - for instance, wraparound sunglasses for men and women are extremely popular if you play a lot of sports or if your work requires you to be outdoors a lot - primarily because it blocks UV rays from reaching your eyes from the sides and reduces glare very well!

Choosing the Right Lens

A common mistake that a lot of people make, is not paying attention to eyeglass lens materials, designs and coatings enough!  All opticians provide you with a number of different lenses to choose from, whether you’re ordering sunglasses online or customizing them at a physical store - so make full use of the choice provided! offer the option of glass lenses, plastic lenses, high-index lenses and even polycarbonate lenses - a great selection that may result in you having a hard time making a final decision!

Buying eyeglasses (spectacles or sunglasses) can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Always feel free to ask support from opticians to help you make an informed choice that you can trust!

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