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Every appliance we see has a definitive structure, where each component plays an important role in fulfilling the duty of the appliance. For example, if you consider a kitchen chimney, the appliance has a fan that collects the smoke and the hot air. Similarly, the lights you see hanging from the ceiling have filaments or LEDs which glow as soon as electricity flows through the circuit.

So, if we consider an air conditioner, it will definitely have a series of components that works closely together to deliver cold air into the rooms and bring down the temperature. But, we are not aware of the working principles of these components and we can choose a random air conditioner for your rooms. It will be a showpiece and you cannot keep your rooms cool with such inefficient ACs. So choosing the best air conditioner is a difficult task and you can choose a branded one like Carrier Unit.  

carrier unit

How Does An Air Conditioner Works?

When we are considering the split air conditioners, we will have to study two parts- the outdoor part and the indoor cooling compartment. Each, split air conditioner have two units, like indoor and outdoor unit. You need to connect these two units with pipes and you must install a drainage line outdoor.

  • When you switch on the carrier unit, the compressor will immediately condense the gas under high pressure and will convert it to liquid. Once done, the refrigerant liquid will move towards the indoor cooling chamber where it will stay inside the evaporator fins. There is a fan inside the cooling unit which draws in the warm air from the room and passes it over the fins.
  • Exchange of heat between the refrigerant liquid in the fins and the hot air takes place because of which the liquid turns into gas. With the removal of heat, the temperature of the air comes down, and soon it is blown into the room.
  • The hot gas then again moves to the compressor from where the cycle is repeated again. This is how a split AC system of the carrier unit works.

carrier unit

What Are The Different Modes Of The Air Conditioner?

Thanks to the advent in technology, a carrier unit can now be operated at different modes as per your convenience.

  1. Cool mode: here, the compressor is turned on because of which cold air is expelled out into the room for lowering the temperature. 
  2. Fan mode: if you want to feel a light breeze within the room without any drop in the temperature, you need to set the fan mode. Here, the internal fan circulates the air within the room like a normal ceiling fan.
  3. Heat mode: this is just the opposite of the cooling mode. Here, the hot air is not expelled outside.
  4. Dry mode: here, the compressor cycle makes swift ups and downs to remove the excess humidity from the room. The internal fan works on constantly circulating the air in the room to disperse the moisture, thereby keeping the overall room dry and less humid.
  5. Eco-mode: in this mode in the carrier unit, the compressor and the fan works together to ensure that a minimal amount of energy is consumed. This further lowers the electric consumption cost.
  6. Auto mode: in the auto mode, the compressor switches on and off depending on the temperature of the room. If it falls below the lower limit, the compressor is turned on to heat the room and vice versa.

Choosing a carrier unit without knowing how the appliance works and the modes of the air conditioner will be nothing less than a fool’s decision. So, now with this guide, you can certainly make the perfect choice without leaving rooms for any future repents.

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