ERP for Fabrication Industry

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

As you might be knowing about the fabrication industry that comes along with a whole lot of process that needs to be kept in mind. However, when it comes to using software for all these fabrication industries or for something that is relative all though. Well, most of us might know about fabrication process that is done majorly in the fabrication industry and there are also software known as ERP software used in the fabrication industry. To give a better idea, we have put together some information about ERP software in the fabrication industry.

You can simply refer to the fabrication information and the process of fabrication that is used in this particular industry though, and also have been mentioned about the software that is used as in the purpose of ERP.

Everything about Fabrication

Fabrication is everything about the making of something from the raw materials and other already made or the readymade components for sure. However, the entire fabrication is the process of making something or probably creating something new from the entire scratch or from the start of the product. It is also known as assembling a product, especially that are made of metals. Metal fabrication involves bending, building, cutting, molding and assembling on the whole.

Only if you know there are various types of fabrication that you must be aware of:

  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Folding
  • Shearing
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Stamping
  • Assembling
  • Bending and Molding

Every metal product after they have been manufactured in the factory will be used for fabrication to make it better and extremely as demanded in the market by the final consumers. The work and the tasks in the fabrication industry can be made easier with the help of software that are available in the market and on the internet which would be totally helpful for you with various addictive features and with an advanced technology that is used in the software for sure.

ERP Software for Fabrication Industry

We all know what is an ERP software and how well can we use it to produce an effective management, well-balanced productivity and employee performance along with our day to day operations in the organization. Well, there are various benefits of using such ERP software in the fabrication industry and we can simply make use of it to have a great revenue and productivity on the whole.


Wondering? Estimation, enquiry and quotations can be made easier when it comes to material management on ERP software though. This also ensures having the right requirements, unique designs, records, and various estimation and quotations that are required to have in the system for sure. This also helps in getting the feedback after the perfect revise of the quotations though. Particular feature also maintains information about the competitors and other records that are important again!

Material Bills

ERP for fabrication industry could be something just great for billing purposes reducing the manual efforts of counting and calculating. Both make to stock and make to order of fabrication can be made easier with the help of such ERP software. This particular feature helps with various raw material stocks, sub-assemblies, assemblies, and several quantities that are required to maintain the record details on the system. The estimating BOM, multi-level BOM, manufacturing BOM, along with different rectifications made with.

Routine and activity

The team leader or the management can simply list all the activities and routine that are required to be done on a regular basis or on a daily basis as according to work and the tasks that are available for the employees. However, each fabrication stock or the order would be having different activity need and it also helps with various manufacturing and inspection tasks to be performed on each raw material and the finished product. This particular feature specifies about output, quality, labor, and time needed for each unit of the product.

Dispatching to Tallying

Other important things and the operational activities from dispatching to tallying will be taken care in the same ERP software making it much easier for preparing all the invoices and bills that requires maintaining an on-time data and record of the entire day though. Right from invoicing to dispatching the goods from the warehouse to the client will be managed solely in ERP software that eventually reduces all the manual tasks and duties that are pretty much time-consuming. The Tally ERP is available too that can be used for accounting, outflow, and inflow of cash and profit every day without any bookkeeping mistakes that could affect the estimation.


Well, now you can start on with the ERP software for your fabrication company or the organization, which will help you and your employees to be more productive and time-saving from other microtasks. 

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