Dispelling The Myths About Smart Homes

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Like most topics of discussion in life, there are always opposing views and the subject of Smart Homes is no different. While there are those that are eager to embrace modern smart home technologies, there are others that criticise its flaws and claim that smart technology can, in fact, render a household less secure. It’s this criticism that has prevented those considering smart home products, from adding them to their residence.

This article seeks to examine the potential risks posed by smart homes as identified by critics and evaluate whether their claims ring true.

Security Risks

There’s a widespread belief that having a smart home leaves you and your family at a heightened risk of having your home security system compromised by malicious hackers. While chances of this happening are remote, it’s important that you buy devices from trusted brands within the security industry, particularly when it comes to locks and security cameras. Quality cameras in particular, have high-level encryption built-in as standard to prevent the chances of outsiders being able to view the camera stream. On the other hand, many of the cheaper security cameras on the market will not.

Where Wi-Fi is concerned, ensure that strong passwords are used for every device connected to your home network. It’s also recommended that all software is kept up-to-date. If you hear news of a security hack that may affect security devices, be sure to change your passwords immediately.

So in summary, doing the following will prevent your security systems from falling victim to any threat:

  1. Buy products from reputable brand names
  2. Keep your software up-to-date
  3. Change your passwords if ever it’s discovered that a security hack has occurred


Buying a whole heap of new tech equipment can quickly add up, but if you don’t go overboard and instead seek the advice of an industry professional, you’ll discover that you don’t require an enormous budget to enjoy the benefits of smart home technology. A good idea is to simply buy something small and inexpensive in the area of home automation that appeals to you most, such as smart lights for example. Luxury tech that used to cost a small fortune to own and install, can now be captured for a fraction of the price.

Rather than being an unnecessary gimmick, many smart home devices will actually save you on your electricity bills, just as solar power does. When it comes to smart lighting for instance, they help provide an optimised living experience that ensures that you don’t use more power than you need to at any given time.

Redundant Technology

For those who are skeptical of smart homes, one of their most common fears is the need to spend money on routine upgrades to keep the technology relevant. Provided that you opt to buy products created by reputable brands, you’ll be future-proofing your home and won’t be required to fork out hefty payments on a regular basis.

Whenever you do purchase smart home devices, be sure to get an assurance from the supplier that the device will still provide the same level of basic functionality as its non-smart-home equivalents. So if you’re buying smart lights for example and you an encounter a software issue or the business goes bankrupt, it’s important that the lights are still able to turn on and off like ordinary light.

OS-Specific Devices

Another point of contention among some consumers is the Operating system specific nature of some devices. In other words, some devices will only work on Mac OS while others will require Android OS. To avoid this problem, only buy products that are compatible with both systems.

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