The Details About Awnings You Need To Know

The Details About Awnings You Need To Know

What do you need to know when shopping for zipscreen awnings? Similar to investing in any other home furniture, to make a sound investment there are a few things you should keep in when shopping for any time of awnings! Keep reading to discover the top five most important factors to take into consideration before choosing awnings in general and especially zipscreen awnings!

What is the installation process of the awning?

Being an outdoor feature, awnings such as the ever-famous zipscreen awnings are usually attached to an outdoor wall or even to a specific section of the house roof - usually just above the gutter. Before making a final decision, make sure to speak with the company that you’re planning to procure the awning from to get a better understanding of how the awning will be installed and what kind of customizations will be undertaken to ensure the awning fits the location perfectly. Don’t forget, how the awning is mounted directly impacts the height, as well as the incline it’s at to ensure the awning actually serves its intended purpose.

Motorized awnings vs. manual awnings - which one is better?

This really is a decision that is completely up to the customer and should also depend on the extent of your budget! Having said that, recent polls have clearly shown that a lot of buyers looking for zipscreen awnings , have more commonly opted for motorized versions primarily for the convenience it offers. It is also quite popular for elderly customers or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of upper body strength, making moving it up and down quite a tedious process.

At the same time, manual awnings are still popular amongst those looking for a retractable awning on decks without electricity or in situations where homeowners do not allow the installation of a motorized awning.

How long will installation of the awning take?

Once you’ve chosen the type of awning you want, spend some time discussing the details such as how long the installation of the awning will take - important information that sometimes can be forgotten in the excitement of upgrading your interiors! Specify the deadline that you need it completed by prior to finalizing and purchasing the awning - this way you’ll know for certain if they can get it done or not and will save you the trouble of any surprises and letdowns!

When looking for a reputable company to handle your window furnishings and the installation of the awnings, look for an organization that is flexible enough to work around your schedule too - some companies now even offer design consultations and installation outside of business hours since they’ve realized that time is a precious commodity and life can get extremely busy and hectic!

What are the warranty details of your awning?

We can’t stress on this enough - you really need to look at the warranty as no matter how durable it is, making it last with repeated use can be difficult! Keep in mind that usually, the different segments of an awning will have individual warranties. For instance, most often the frame of the awning tends to have a longer warranty when compared to less durable sections of the zipscreen awnings or any awnings for that matter, such as the fabric used for the awnings and even the powder-coat finish!

Before you make a final decision on the awning for your unique space, read the fine print and take an in-depth look at the warranty - this really is the deal-breaker, as you’d be surprised to find several unusual loops in the warranty which should be of great concern and make the awnings a bad investment.

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