Costs to Be Aware of When Importing from Overseas

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When you are importing goods, even for a business where you are going to resell it, there are various costs that businesses need to be aware of. Financial implications that you need to consider. This is why you need to make sure that the products that you are importing is really worth it. And, that you are going to get benefits from the imported good.

These are some of the financial implications that you need to consider when importing goods. The things that you need to pay so that you can get your goods imported. If the shipping goes according to plan, these are the things that will cost you money when you are importing goods.

Shipment costs

Transportation costs. The one thing that you will never get away with. There are so many things that you might pay when you are importing goods, but you will always pay transportation costs.

These costs depend on the type of transportation option that you have chosen. Some people choose the overnight courier option. This is a lot more expensive than paying for normal shipping. The further you are importing the goods from, the more you are going to pay for the shipping. Businesses must also remember that shipment charges don’t include fees payable to freight forwarding service providers.

Custom charges

It doesn’t matter where you are living. You will pay custom fees when you are importing goods. Some countries have higher custom fees than others. There are also some rules and regulations that are forbidden some items, or just allowing a specific amount of an item to be allowed into the country.

If you don’t know the rules of your custom, you might pay more than just the normal custom charges. You also might pay penalties as well. This is why it is important to make sure about custom charges of the goods that you are planning to import.

Repacking fees

Sometimes repacking is needed. It depends why you are importing the goods. If you are going to resell the goods, then you will need to repack the items after your received it.

This is also costing money and will have an influence on the total cost of the goods that you are actually paying for the items. If you are purchasing the items for yourself, or directly for someone else, then you are lucky.  You will not have to worry about paying any repacking fees.


Another thing that isn’t necessary, but that you should consider. Insurance for importing and transporting the goods. Without paying for insurance on transportation, you might lose the money you pay for the goods if it’s lost.

It does happen that goods get lost during transportation. And, if you don’t have insurance, you are going to lose the goods and the money you already spend on it. This can be a huge loss, if you have paid a lot of money for it. You need to consider adding insurance and pay for it, rather than taking the risk to transport your goods without having any insurance.

Container hire

When you are transporting a huge amount of goods, you will need to hire a container to ship your good. When this is the case, you will need to hire a container. This can be really expensive, depending on the size of the container. A huge financial implication of importing goods.

Importing goods can be cheap and a great thing if you are purchasing a special. However, there are some financial implications that you need to consider as well. Things that you need to make sure about, before you purchase and import the goods. You don’t want to pay more for the goods than what it is worth at the end of the day. This is why you need to make sure about what you should pay for, when you are importing goods.

To find out more about the various fees and charges involved when importing products from overseas, get in touch with a respected freight forwarding company.

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