Control Your Roku Channels from Your Smartphone

Roku mobile app

Are you a little lazy while searching for the remote control which is place little far from your reach? If yes, then it’s time to make your smartphone as your Roku remote control. Yes, you read that right. With just an installation of Roku mobile app on your Android or IOS devices you can use this amazing feature. 

Now, streaming movies, TV shows, and videos are hundred times much easier than ever before. This app is completely free, just find it in your Google play store or Apple store and download it your mobile device. Once you have installed and set up the app, you can control all the features from your smartphone as Roku remote control such as; voice control, use it as a keyboard, Play on Music and so on. And the best part is this, if you will face any difficulty either while downloading or installing the app or your smartphone is unable to download it, you can directly call a Roku technical Support team for help.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can use your smartphone to control the streaming player. So, let’s start:

Search with an Ease

On the search section which you will see on the top of your Roku screen, just type the coveted name of the movie, TV show, video, actor, or director which you want to watch and press “OKAY”. Then, you will explore the available results on your TV screen. Suppose, you want to watch something, just select the movie and choose your preferred Roku channel and here your movie is going to start in just a couple of minutes.

Add your desired channel

With the help of Roku mobile app, you can easily add any of your desired channels. For this, just select the “Streaming Channels” then sign in with your Roku account. In Streaming Channel Store you will get a plethora of channels’ list, just click on the install button and add it to your streaming player’ storage area.

Play on Roku

This feature will surely allure you, want to know how? Through “Play on Roku”, you can easily send movies, videos, and TV shows from your mobile device to the Television set. So, why to see your vacation pictures on that tiny screen, just share that with your TV and enjoy them on a big screen.

Listen to your favorite tracks

By using the Play on Roku feature you can listen to your favorite music tracks directly from Smartphone to your TV. Give your birthday party at your home by converting your Roku player into a music hub. There is no need to change the songs frequently, just select your desired playlist and rock the dance floor with your cronies.

Access your channels easily

With “My Channel” option you can access all your downloaded channels with an ease via shortcuts. For this, you have to just select your desired channels which you want to watch and Roku will automatically open it. On the corner, you will see an arrow button by pressing it you can redirect to the channels’ setting screen and from there you can rate the channel or even remove it.

The Roku mobile app is amazingly easy to use, even a neophyte can use it without any help. Once you have started using it, you will not find any need of having a remote control; this app will create an easy interface between a user and the device. Apart of this, you can take help from the Roku support team for any type of issue such as you are not getting a Roku activation code, unable to install the mobile app on your smartphone, device not working properly, and more. Dial their helpline number and get your problem solved. 

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