Common Manufacturing Issues: How ERP software solves them?

Common Manufacturing Issues: How ERP software solves them?

The usage of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in recent years has extended and elevated the manufacturing business. Previously, this solution was only available to major corporations as a back-office IT system, while small and medium businesses (SMBs) functioned beyond the ERP platforms' shadow. Not any longer.  eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP has grown in relevance and is now being used to overhaul the heart of businesses.

This system's rapid expansion is proven by its efficiency in solving production challenges and ability to open new prospects through enabling, which is impossible to achieve without deep insights into current operations.

What are the common manufacturing issues, and how does ERP Software solve them?

If you own a manufacturing company and do not use manufacturing ERP software, you may face a slew of operational issues every day. Consider the following manufacturing-related issues that ERP software could help to resolve:

Data collection error

When you opt to capture data manually, you may fall behind your competition. This is because manual data entry is prone to human mistakes and takes a long time, which can be costly to your organization.

The eresource Xcel ERP solution corrects this. It records data automatically, and you get instant access. You don't have to waste your time and energy piecing together scattered data. At any given time, the system provides you with a comprehensive view of your production process and other business processes such as finances, inventory levels, sales predictions, etc. When you have all of the necessary information, you can improve the overall health of your company.

Inaccurate reports

Another vital issue resolved by eresource Xcel manufacturing ERP is lack of real-time information. The system's reliable reporting capabilities boost data visibility. This data enables producers to make precalculated estimates for correct raw material procurement, decrease over or under-production difficulties, shorten inventory turnaround times, and more.

The proper application of this data could assist firms in making more accurate and data-driven decisions. It increases revenue and profit potential. When you employ outdated data handling methods, you may face delays in obtaining reports and inquiries, and long delays may exacerbate bottlenecks and potentially stall your operation.

Low production quality

Quality products are always the top concern for manufacturing organizations, and manufacturers must adhere to specific quality requirements. Maintaining a consistent level of quality in each lot produced is a time-consuming and complex operation. Quality control tools are built into an ERP system, which may help you track and evaluate the quality control process and incoming raw materials. The system also assists you in monitoring product quality throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process to provide exceptional items to the end customer.

Lack of planning and scheduling

Every facet of your manufacturing facility requires careful planning. To plan everything efficiently, inventory and sales forecasting data are needed. You might create schedules for shop floor tasks and ensure you have enough employees, equipment, and raw supplies to begin production.

The lack of process planning is a common manufacturing issue, which is why eresource Xcel ERP system is required. The system has all the data you need to ensure that all batches are efficiently scheduled to meet market demands and that raw material are optimally utilized so that production does not cease or run out.

Increasing costs with shrinking profits

Rising manufacturing costs are one of the most severe issues for manufacturers, and if not addressed, they may have an impact on the entire sustainability of the business. ERP systems for the manufacturing industry would be the ideal instrument for managing and controlling the costs of raw materials, work in progress, and final goods.

The system provides critical information such as material ordering levels, resource use, administration, and overheads. In this manner, you may fully employ all of your resources and reduce inventory accumulation, lowering administrative and operating costs.

Changing customer requirements and expectations

Another critical production issue that the eresource Xcel manufacturing ERP could alleviate is a lack of real-time knowledge regarding changing market demands. The solution allows you to store crucial information and exploit it in the best interests of your company.

Without it, you may encounter erroneous raw material procurement, resulting in over or under-production and delayed inventory turnaround, resulting in revenue loss for your firm.

You may evaluate crucial customer data and gain insights into their purchasing behaviour using the customer relationship module in ERP. This will aid you in production planning based on their requirements.


Suppose you are still struggling with entering data manually, failing to have accurate real-time reports, having traceability issues in your production unit, and wasting a lot of time validating reports from numerous systems. In that case, the eresource Xcel ERP system will eliminate these and other common manufacturing problems.

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