Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle

Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle

Many people often don’t realize the importance of choosing eyeglasses that are not only durable and affordable but also suit their personality and lifestyle. For instance, if you’re on the lookout for a new pair of sunglasses, you should be focused on picking a style that suits your face shape, but is also suitable for wearing outdoors if your lifestyle involves a lot of sports, etc.  Looking for some tips to get started with irrespective of whether you’re browsing for sunglasses online near you or at a brick and mortar store? We’ve got you covered in the next paragraphs!

How do you choose women’s or men’s sunglasses that suit your face shape?

A whole lot easier than you would expect, the first step to choosing sunglasses to suit your face shape involves spending a little bit of time studying your face in the mirror - is it more oval or does it have more of a square shape? If you’re having trouble figure this out, you may want to try looking at a close-up photograph of yourself or even employ the help of family or friends to reach a decision.

Once you’ve decided on your face shape, do a little bit of online browsing to help you learn more frame styles that suit your specific face shape. This step might be a little easier if your search for sunglasses leads you to a reputable eyeglass provider with trained sales professionals who can help you make an informed decision. If you’re shopping for sunglasses online, you can follow the basic ground rules below, and you’ll do just fine.

  • Ideally, the shape of the frame should contrast with your face shape! Opting for square men’s sunglasses, if you have a boxy, square face that’s very structured is a big no-no as it will highlight this feature more. Instead, round or oval sunglasses would look best on a square face as it softens the lines and makes it look less structured.
  • The size of the eyeglass frames matter and should be in scale with your face. For instance, if you have a wide face you should avoid sunglass frames that offer a narrow fit on your face.

How do you choose the eyeglasses that suit your lifestyle?

Extremely straightforward, whether you’re buying sunglasses or reading glasses, think about your lifestyle! If you live an active lifestyle, fragile or delicate eyeglasses are definitely not for you! When it comes to sunglasses, many outdoor sportsmen favor search for wraparound sunglasses online as they provide full protection (your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes) from the harmful rays of the sun, while also being sturdy and flexible to ensure they won’t break in a hurry!

How do you pick sunglasses that suit your personality?

Consider your personality first - are you a bold trendsetter or elegant and sophisticated with a preference for timeless classic sunglasses? If you’re after a more fun pair of sunnies or reading glasses, think out of the box and don’t be limited to the old style shapes like rectangular or oval, instead try aviators or cat eye sunglasses in fun shades like plum, cool teal or bright red!

If the classics are more your thing, try sticking to grey, black or browns in oval, round or rectangular shapes - you really can’t go wrong with this and there are so many options when it comes to both women’s or men’s sunglasses in your town.

While the above points are great to get you started, don’t forget that it’s important to your sunglasses customized with prescription lenses if required. 

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