Boost Productivity by Saving Time Using CRM for Business Growth

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CRM or lead management software systems are designed to aid in cultivating your relationships with prospects and customers in a time-effective manner; even though your business might as well be developing relationships without a management system if unfortunately, you buy CRM that has an interface which is unintuitive and slow.

Time equals money for all businesses, be it big or small. Hence all companies rely on their customers and well-utilized time to reach their financial goals and so no business can afford to waste their precious time reorganizing their systems every time something slips up and needs to be rectified for upholding consistent business growth. 

Therefore if you find your easy to use CRM is taking more effort to keep up to its worth, it may be the right time now to take advantage of these golden time-saving practices once you buy this cutting-edge business growth technology for boosting productivity, relationships, and revenue growth.

  1. Secure your CRM data with authentication
  2. Buy CRM that has a simple and easy to use interface
  3. Choose a CRM system that integrates with all your software
  4. For quick access segment your contact database
  5. Implement automation for your marketing and sales teams
  6. Make sure that your CRM system has easy editing
  7. Manage your team’s everyday tasks with to-do lists

We listed these salient points since once you buy CRM this software is meant to save your time that could be used more effectively for acquiring new customers and thereby boost revenue for unfailing business growth.

So let us jump straight into the above-mentioned points and illustrate its necessity respectively:

1. Secure Your CRM Data With Authentication

Now, even before you decide on any other desired features in your CRM, make sure that your system offers some sort of authentication since the usability of this lead management tool means nothing if there is a data breach which will expose your customer’s information to the world.

Potential prospects and customers never want to share their information if they assume that it might end up in the wrong hands.

Hence implement a user authentication tool which is the quickest way to protect the information in your CRM database, of information such as:

  • Your customer’s name
  • Your customer’s addresses
  • Your customer’s payment information

There are many CRM applications in the marketplace that even use password-less authentication tools to speed up this authentication process, whereby instead of entering traditional login credentials of the user the system allows the user of the CRM software to tap on a button that generates an automated email which contains an encrypted key code. Now once the user hits ‘Sent’, this code gets processed and the user gets logged into the system automatically, which ensures that only authorized users are able to access information from the CRM database.

We say this because; securing data in your CRM prevents a data breach that can take up irreplaceable time to resolve which hampers sales and revenue growth.

2. Buy CRM That Has A Simple And Easy To Use Interface

After the security of data, a simple interface is the most important feature you must seek in any CRM software, which should be easy and straightforward to navigate.
This is because; none of us wants to see our employees fumbling around trying to find the information and tools they need for performing their daily tasks.

Now, if your CRM has innumerable features, which can be exciting to buy, nevertheless once you start using the CRM try limiting it to those that you really need, since  otherwise using non-essential functionalities can not only slow down your system but it can even make it harder to access the tools that you really need for conducting your business.

Additionally, if your business growth technology is not easy to implement, your team members using the CRM software might get frustrated and give up, blaming the system, making it unusable and an expensive failure.

We have seen in several instances that CRM platforms that are too hard to navigate waste both your team’s and customer’s time, even though it is also true that no matter how easy to use your CRM may be, you will most likely run into issues at some point and so buy CRM which has an accessible customer service that can help in getting your system up and running in no time.

3. Choose A CRM System That Integrates With All Your Software

This functionality of CRM ties in with straightforward navigation. This is because once you buy CRM it is necessary that every piece information of all your platforms that you use for your business must be stored in one centralized database, so that your employees do not have to use multiple programs (each with its own user interface) which most often creates duplication and errors in data that is a bane for businesses.

For example, you can integrate your CRM with applications like Gmail, Mail Chimp, Microsoft Contact, Zapier, DropBox, QuickBooks and a plethora of other useful programs that are most needed for saving time and boosting business growth.  
So once you buy CRM do not let this important strategy fall through the crack.

4. For Quick Access Segment Your Contact Database

When you are required to introduce a new offering to a specific group of customers, you will find it much useful and easier if you have already segmented your customers and prospects in the CRM database.

This is because; segmentation of the contacts in your CRM permits you to organize your data easily in an insightful way.

Most CRM applications allow the users to build live profiles for each one of their contacts which might include the contact’s demographics, age, as well as preferential data as to how the customers prefer to be contacted.

You can segregate your prospects and customers in specific groups on data collected, such as:

  • How they were acquired?
  • The total amount they invested in your business?
  • What encourages them to invest in your offerings or their interests?

In fact, the right segmentation of your CRM database helps to personalize your outreach and sets you up for successful sales.

5. Implement Automation For Your Marketing And Sales Teams

Communication in all businesses eats up a major portion of business time unless you are creative in your approaches.

Hence after segmenting your prospects and customers, you can customize your outreach to appeal to specific groups of people in your outreach list.

Create a marketing approach to strategically target your audience, so that they are likely to respond positively for your offering(s).

Use Sales Force Automation (SFA) in your CRM to start with basic email blasting and remember to use CTA (Click To Action) button that says “Buy Now” to reroute your customers and prospects back to your product page.

6. Make Sure That Your CRM System Has Easy Editing

Any efficient CRM software be it Salesforce or any other popular Salesforce Alternative CRM used mostly by startups and small businesses lets you edit contact information easily and quickly.

This is because in modern times people’s personal details are constantly changing and so once you buy CRM ensures that the software should not make it difficult for your employees to update information, such as a change in address, company name, phone numbers and more.

If you buy the right CRM, any well-designed software will allow you to simply press an “Edit” button to make changes instantly, which will help you in saving considerable time, whereby you do not have to go into the system every time someone’s data needs to be updated.

7. Manage Your Team’s Everyday Tasks With To-Do Lists

Finally, once you buy CRM opt for the business growth technology solution in the CRM space that has the ability to manage your tasks and calendar events.

This is because; once the desired easy to use CRM offers to-do lists; you can quickly assign tasks to each of your employees so that everyone knows what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.

If required you can also add certain contacts from the CRM database to these tasks and events, so that your team members can instantly see contact information without having to dig through the software.

Moreover creating a to-do list also ensures that none of your employees are over-loaded, which in return boosts efficiency company-wide across the length and breadth of your business.


Therefore, since businesses cannot afford to waste time in this era of acute competition freeing up your day’s time once you buy CRM that is designed for your business helps you to get back to doing what matters, which is working towards boosting your revenue.

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