The Best Way to Clean Your Engagement Ring

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A new engagement ring is always sparkle and beautiful. But over time it can get dull and dirty. Especially, if you are doing a lot of housework or working in your garden.

Can you clean your engagement ring at home, and how can you clean it without damaging your ring and let it lose value? The good news is that there are a couple of ways that you can clean your ring, but there are also a couple of things that you should remember when you are cleaning your ring.

Why should you clean your engagement ring?

You are washing your hands all the time, and you wash your ring at the same time. So, you think that your ring is clean. Why should you clean your engagement ring? The one thing that you might not realize is that buildup on the ring, the stone and the inside of the ring needs to be cleaned.

You want to make sure that your ring is always sparkling, clean and beautiful. And, you want to make sure that you don’t lose the value of the ring. These are some of the reasons why you should make sure that you are cleaning your engagement ring often.

How often should you clean your ring?

How often should you clean your ring? Is there something like cleaning your ring too much? This really depends on how you are cleaning your ring, and what cleaning products you are using.

If you are cleaning your ring with normal soap, water, and an old toothbrush, you can clean your ring at least once a week. When you are using chemicals all the time, you might want to clean your ring more often. Also, if you are working a lot in the garden. But, if you are using products like ultrasonic cleaners, you can’t clean it too often. You will damage your ring.

How can you clean your engagement ring?

The only things that you really need to clean your ring, is water, dishwashing liquid, and a toothbrush. And, a soft towel to dry the ring afterward. There aren’t any expensive cleaning products that you need to purchase.

You just soak the ring in the dishwashing liquid water for a couple of minutes. Then, you are taking the toothbrush and start brushing between the small gaps on the ring. Rinse the ring and dry it with the towel. And, your ring is as good as new. There is really no need to make use of harsh chemicals or to send your ring to the jewellery store to get it cleaned.

Be careful in using ultrasonic cleaners

This is important to remember. Many people recommend that you should use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your jewellery and your engagement ring. However, this isn’t really recommended. Yes, you can clean it once in a while with the ultrasonic cleaner, but really not on a weekly basis. This is just to get rid of the buildup that you normally won’t get off your ring with a toothbrush.

If you want to make use of ultrasonic cleaners, it is best to take your ring to the jewellery store. They are making use of high-quality cleaners that won’t damage your ring. And, they know how to use the ultrasonic cleaners correctly.

Now you know that it is important to clean your engagement ring at home. However, you will also know how to clean your ring, what to use to clean your ring and how often you should clean your ring. With these tips, you will know for sure that your ring will always look as good as new.

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