Best Things to Do in Paris

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Western Europe's medieval nation, France is home to the beautiful blue mediterranean coasts, marvellous Baroque architecture, delectable cuisine, world famous art, and amazing fashion. Its capital city, Paris is the fashion hub of the globe and is famous for its boulevards. Some of the world’s tallest buildings dot its skyline.

Eiffel tower Paris

The best way to soak in the wonders of France is to plan a long holiday or if you are lucky and are going there on a business trip then extend it by a few days more. You need more than just time to experience France. Staying at a cozy apartment is great idea, plan your stay way ahead and find good short stay Paris apartments to enjoy the city at your own pace.

There can never be a boring day in the French capital. While you are finding Paris apartments why not find some great things to do in Paris too.

Here we have listed a few of our favourite things to do in Paris:

Go a la French at the French Riviera

French Riviera Paris

The beauty of the french riviera is beyond words. The mere sight of the charming mediterranean sea coast takes all the stress away. Visit Nice and take a walk along the Castle Hill or the La Colline Du Chateau to capture the breathtaking views of the wonderful byzantine architecture, views of the old Town, Nice’s Boardwalk, and Baie Des Anges. Marvel at the well-preserved old stone buildings of the Eze. Get a whiff of pure bliss at the beautifully fragrant and purple lavender fields of Grasse.

Enjoy a taste of Fine Dining at a French restaurant

French Restaurant Paris

France is known for its delectable cuisine. For gaining the best culinary experiences you could dine at some of the finest restaurants in Paris. Le Maurice, L'Ambroisie, Arpege, Pierre Gagnaire are some of the high end ones, you might enjoy. There are some neat options for the budgeted travellers as well. The Chartier famous for its European style decor is a constant famous with the locals and tourists alike. Try the Le Bistrot d'Andre for a hefty french style menu or go to the Polidor, the famous French bistro where the likes of Hemingway dined once. For a hearty french dining experience the family kitchen at Chez Germaine is the best.

Escape to a local urban farm

Gardens in Paris

Since the day Paris passed laws on allowing the general public to plant gardens anywhere within the city, a lot of serene green spaces have sprung up in the city. Small urban farms and gardens have become prominent all over the precincts of the city. This time when you are in the fashion capital of the world, try and visit its green gardens and farms too.

Some noteworthy ones are Le Recyclerie, earlier a railway station it is now a community centre cum bar with gardening classes on offer as well. Jardins passagers de la Villette is dotted with wonderful themed gardens, beehives and convenient flower boxes where you could plant your own green wonders. Ferme de Paris is a friendly municipal farm in a park which is open to the public. The unusual sight of farm animals makes it appear like a real life scene from the cartoon series ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Another gem is the Le Carrieres, which is a small family owned organic mushroom farm.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting Paris

All wine connoisseurs and the non wine drinkers, should definitely try wine tasting in Paris. There are some great places to catch it at. You could visit at these places- Le Garde Robe, Le Dernière Goutte, and Le Petit Bouchons. These places offer some of the best natural wines in Paris.

Explore local arts and culture fests

Moulin Rouge Paris

The history of arts and culture can’t be missed in Paris. An evening in Paris as they say is the most romantic in the world, so why not go for a Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Seine River cruise with your special someone. For people on a trip to in Paris in June, don’t miss the Fete de la Musique. For this festival of music, stages spring up everywhere in the city’s major squares like the Petit Palais, the Louvre, and the banks of river Seine.

Get a hang of the French Heritage and history at the European Heritage Days. Celebrated sometime in mid-september, the event rejoices the rich and diverse culture of France. The visitors enjoy sightseeing tours to historical places like the Luxembourg Palace, Palais Brongniart and Elysee Palace.

Visit the dark graves of Paris-Catacombs


The infamous catacombs carry the remains of the dead of Paris from as far as the 13th century. Though the place is eery and so is its history, but a thing or two about it is worth knowing. It is definitely not a place for the faint hearted. For those of you who like haunted places and maybe even the sight of a few skulls stacked together doesn’t bother you, then take a trip to this bizarre place.

History suggests that sometime around the 16th century, the graveyards of Paris became so full that the dead bodies started resurfacing from beneath the grounds. It was around 1780, when the city wall of Les Innocents fell due to heavy rain that it exposed rotten bodies underneath. This caused the city administration to follow the original orders passed by Louis XV to shift the dead remains 5 stories below the city’s former limestone queries. It took 12 years to shift the graveyards with 6 to 7 million dead remains finding their final resting place at the catacombs.

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