Best Kitchen Sink Buying Tips

Best kitchen sink buying tips

The optional sink is focused on two points, one material; the second is the style. Standard sink material is stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, stone products and cast iron sink, etc.Depending on the owner's preferences and the overall style of the kitchen may be.

The most commonly used are the stainless steel sink. Now on the market more than the sink material, including 304 # material stainless steel, 202 # material stainless steel, 201 # stainless steel and other materials. Stainless steel sink material is the biggest difference between its corrosion resistance, of which 304 is the best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price of the sink is also very different.

And the thickness of the pelvic sink floor is best to reach 1mm. Sink welding quality, close, no Weld is the key factor affecting the service life of the sink, sink the thinner work, the higher the degree of superb, with the table with the higher degree of fit, so when the tank to pay attention to its thin edge flatness.

Also, see the bottom of the sink there is no protective coating: the lower part of the tank to add protective coating is used to quiet and anti-condensate. The better coating is to use the mortar to spray the whole side of the tank; the ordinary is a rubber gasket attached to the bottom but also can play a quiet effect.

So how do we choose when to buy is not 304 steel?
The current way to the naked eye is harder to distinguish. There is stainless steel on the market identification of stainless steel by detecting the content of nickel in the stainless steel to detect different types of stainless steel but does not guarantee that other elements in the steel will affect the accuracy of the results. There is through the magnetic and non-magnetic to determine, Generally magnetic is two series of stainless steel, non-magnetic is three series of stainless steel when these two methods can not be more accurate to determine whether it is 304 stainless steel.

Single bowl or double bowl is always a topic is not open, you have any suggestions?
Double bowl and single bowl have their advantages.the best double bowl sink, then the big bowl for washing and the small bowl used to drain. So the general small bowl will be with the drain basket.The equivalent of dry and wet feeling it and if the family, Often cook, then you know, sometimes two people with vegetables, crowded with trouble.

The convenience of the Double bowl but there is a problem, that is, space is larger, and under normal circumstances. Double, The bowl of the bowl also does not have a single bowl. Such as relatively large pot, celery these slender items, in a large single tank wash may be more convenient.

So what about the size of the sink?
The length of the problem is not to pay attention to, but the width is imperative, the width to refer to the width of the table, the standard table width of 55cm and 60cm two, but everything is special, the old house 50cm of the majority of the table. 55cm table width should be selected within 45cm, 60cm table width of the sink as long as no more than 50cm can be installed, but the 50cm table selection of the width of the sink is relatively narrow, the widest can not exceed 41cm, which It is very important.

In fact, the choice of accessories in the sink is also important, what needs attention?
Yes, the accessory selection has a direct connection to the service life of the sink. Sump in the plastic pipe fittings, especially the hose is not hot water, easy to aging, prone to interface off and leakage and so on. PP material under the water pipe was selling high can effectively prevent leakage.

Now there are many brands launched quartz stone sink, in the end, easy to use it?
Not very recommended, for two reasons. First, the permeability of stone. The sink will inevitably be with the water, and the water will penetrate into the basin of stone. And who can not guarantee that my family's pot to buy back, it is only used to put some pure water, do not do anything else? So, similar to soy sauce soup, vinegar, fruit juice with the color of the liquid, will gradually penetrate into the stone. So, buy a rock basin and soon, on the dirty, if you spend a few years you look.Estimated that you do not want to read again.

And the kitchen sink will not only use vegetables but also used to brush the pot. If it is a hardness lower than the steel products of the sink, scratches are inevitable; that if it is a hardness higher than the steel products of the sink, For example, knock out a pit, broken a corner, out of the skin, crisp like a cookie.

Having finished the sink, let's talk about the faucet.
The primary material of the faucet is stainless steel and copper faucet. First, speak of the copper faucet. Non-standard copper, the domestic use of the most low-cost faucet is this, will precipitate a lot of harmful substances.

And there are some central parts of the city's water is made of zinc alloy (there are many domestic zinc alloy faucet.You say the country has banned the use of galvanized buildings in the building, and zinc alloy is still the flooded market.) This Kind of everyone remembers to avoid buying Oh!

And then the national standard copper is by the national standard GB18145-2014 requirements of the copper. The national standard and metal pollutants precipitation standard requirements. The national standard copper again HPb59 copper (copper content ≥ 59%, the national market mainstream, and exports to most European countries Are the kind of copper.

Mainstream domestic contact is the above two.

Also, there are North American CUPC lead-free copper, Australia's DR copper, the British and other 4MS copper, H62 copper (copper is relatively soft, for the processing of curved bends and other large parts) and so on. It is not complicated.

Also, say that copper faucet contains lead! Use the national standard H59 copper faucet, and after 24 hours salt spray test, in line with C / T 1043-2007 "faucet lead precipitation limit" of this provision. Do not have to worry too much.

But some people pay close attention to My kitchen to stainless steel faucet. Stainless steel faucet free lead! More environmentally friendly and healthier! It is not a simple thing to buy a stainless steel faucet.

So talk about best stainless steel kitchen faucet it
The market tens of dollars to more than 100 dollars of stainless steel faucet skin is 304 stainless steel surface, lined with brass into the water, to increase the feel to meet the market needs of the line, with different copper block weight gain. And cheap and heavy. Is unknown to the crowd the best choice for the group! The

The market more than 200 dollars to three hundred yuan of stainless steel faucet recycling miscellaneous material bar cutting stitching, massive, the cost is relatively low, directly the miscellaneous material processing leftover scrap from stitching. Compared to the first, the higher the price, at least you buy the stainless steel faucet is a stainless steel valve.

And the market there are some prices are not cheap stainless steel faucet is made of high quality 304 high-temperature cast, whole body one, no water without any welding parts. Only such a faucet is in line with a high quality environmentally friendly stainless steel faucet. And the cost of this faucet on nearly 200 or so. Taobao asked about 200 on the price of the 304 leading which will be casting 304 lead?

But as a consumer! Cutting a leading look is impossible. Which resulted in the stainless steel faucet market dragon snake mixed. I am also nothing right way. Look at the weight? Maybe you are stainless steel leather copper core! With test fluid? Outside are 304, inside you do not know. Can only say do not buy bargains, to find a few integrity of the shop to see.If the risk of stainless steel faucet control is not good, I would rather choose the copper faucet!

Heard that stainless steel is chrome, is that so?
Yes, but about lead, the precipitation of chromium is relatively difficult. And a lot of chromium is too good because the weld is not okay. So the quality of 304 stainless steel faucet is indeed more environmentally friendly for the copper faucet!   

To sum up, in addition to the kitchen, there is no doubt that the choice of copper faucet more appropriate. While the kitchen, if you are a green dead control, stainless steel may be more suitable for you. If you are a modeling equipment control, the copper faucet is undoubtedly a better choice.

Anyway, from the perspective of foreign trade, foreigners tend to use copper a little more, but the developed countries, customers will ask about copper lead content.

Copper lead, but also do not smell lead color change because the content of dissolved in the water is very low very low, the particular low depends on the content of its own and the use of time and water quality, and copper with copper ions, Leading the growth.

Now there are many brands for the introduction of additional features, which is more practical?
I think the most convenient functional design is n faucet. Home useful water purifier gospel Ah, this faucet two spool, two switches, while controlling the hot and cold water while controlling the pure water. Hot and cold mixed with water at the same time can be pure water, you can also alone out friends. This way, the release of a water dragon installation hole, a sink only need to install a faucet, no ugly a water purifier faucet erected in the corner. And the water purifier is generally to buy the water when the bucket to send it, uh ah, be careful Oh, the general things are sent to the times, but also the pure water pollution. I've seen two big brands. The Unsightly The Note that this dual water faucet is tube structure.

Pure water is a separate waterway to avoid contamination. Complex point: three water, four water, that is, there is a home can be pure water, pure ice water, the pure water temperature of the machine, then the faucet once to meet your wishes.Also all the faucet front end, it is recommended to have a supporting valve, must use copper, must use safe, must use good, must use well.

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