Benefits of SEO and Why Every Business Needs SEO

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Business Needs SEO

If your business has a website and you are dabbling in the digital marketing sphere, then you are no stranger to the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In simple terms, SEO means that you are optimizing your content to increase your websites’ visibility and searchability online, organically.

You would have been approached by numerous SEO companies, claiming to be the best SEO Company and promising you first-page results and top ranks within a few months. While their propositions may be impressive, you may deliberate as to whether it is a necessary investment and wonder if your business really needs SEO.

The answer is yes. Your business does need SEO and this article highlights some notable benefits of SEO that an exceptional SEO company would incorporate in their strategy and helps you understand the importance of integrating an SEO strategy to your business plan.

Improve Organic Search Traffic

Search traffic is directly related to the performance of a business’s website and is a vital element of the customer’s buying journey, which ultimately assists in customer engagement and/or conversions. In today’s globalized world, information is just a click away and customers always research, before making a purchase. Therefore, appearing on the top results of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) organically is very crucial, as it builds trust and confidence.

A sound SEO strategy would allow your business to organically appear on the top ranks with no bidding costs and thus, provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI), in comparison to other channels.

Attract the Right Audience

A legit SEO company would optimize the content on your website as per the specific keywords chosen based on rigorous research, and this in turn enables your content to be reached by the appropriate target audience(s), and increases the chances of conversions exponentially. Further, SEO provides a coherent structure to your content and thereby makes it more user-friendly and easier for your visitors to browse through and convert.

24/7 Availability of a Point of Contact

A website plays a crucial role in your business. It simultaneously acts as a customer service agent, a sales agent through lead generation and a marketer, to name a few functions. Additionally, your website can offer these services to hundreds of prospects concurrently, with no time limitations! By optimizing your website, you can draw attention to your website/business and create a good impression, at your customers’ first point of contact with your brand.  

Increase Credibility of Brand

The first few results on a search page are what we go for when we search online. Seldom does anyone click through to the second page, let alone the consecutive pages? SEO is useful because it allows brands to secure a Share of Voice (SoV) on SERP’s, which is important in building trust for your brand online. When the website of a brand appears on the top-rankings organically, this is because search engines recognize relevant content that has been written for readers rather than bots and recompense such content with top rankings. Customers believe that if your brand appears on top, then it must be relevant and legitimate. 

SEO is a very feasible option that every business needs to incorporate into their business plan because it has the potential to attract more relevant leads and prospects. Most SEO companies will offer you impressive business proposals to bring you to the top of rankings, which is important, but SEO is also about consistent updates to refresh your content, to remain relevant to your audience(s). If an agency claims to be the best SEO Company, remember the above points and make your clarifications before committing, but do invest in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization offers your business a myriad of opportunities from better ROI, higher brand visibility and credibility, increased web traffic, buyer insights, to improve your customer’s user experience. What more could you ask for?

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SEO –Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success of any online business out there. When it comes to improving the overall site rankings and increasing traffic naturally, there are several SEO strategies that you can come across on a day-to-day basis