Benefits of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

automated storage retrieval systems

There are a number of key benefits for businesses in utilising Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) over traditional storage systems. As an advanced computer controlled system, they are relatively easy to use and maintain, offer high-calibre order picking precision and deliver a superior level of warehouse performance and efficiency. No matter what sector your business is involved in, there are Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to suit everyone.

What Are the Advantages of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems?

  • Enhanced Productivity – businesses who install an ASRS often see substantial productivity gains, typically in the vicinity of 2 to 4 times what they were achieving prior
  • Optimised Storage Space – an ASRS can save you a significant amount of warehouse floor space, from anywhere between seventy-five and ninety percent. So in other words, the same items can be stored using only around ten to twenty-five percent of the space that it was originally occupying
  • Greater Revenue Potential – ASRS delivers a better ROI for businesses, due to improved warehouse productivity and storage space savings
  • Items Are Retrieved by The Storage System – with ASRS, the inventory is retrieved by a computer controlled mechanical shuttle, rather than a person, which allows items to be placed or retrieved at high speed and with absolute precision. The shuttle can quickly traverse to the necessary vertical height and deposit or remove the necessary item up to a depth of several units
  • Less Human Error – ASRS are equipped with a range of sophisticated features that help the mechanical shuttle locate the right item and there’s also an added ability to have the items scanned to confirm that the right item has been chosen. Human error is dramatically improved over picking from conventional storage systems, resulting in less time-wasted on replacing incorrectly selected items, while also enhancing the public opinion of the business in the eyes of consumers
  • Better Stock Management – Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems feature software that can tally the stock whenever a storage region has been cleared. With the ability for the software to communicate with the Enterprise Resource Planning system, warehouse inventory levels will be constantly stabilised. This allows warehouse administrators to have a clear understanding of their current stock and helps to eliminate the likelihood of over-ordering. The implementation of an ASRS means that many companies no longer require yearly stocktakes
  • Protection from Unwanted Elements – items stored in the ASRS are shielded from elements such as sunrays and debris that may accumulate in storage over time, such as dust. When storing particularly delicate items that may need to be kept in particular temperature conditions, warehouse managers can easily accommodate for this
  • Greater Ability to Do Business – improved warehouse efficiency and a reduction in product handling expenses results in a greater ability for businesses to do just that, business
  • Can Be Easily Adapted – warehouse storage demands can change from time to time, so it’s important that storage systems are able to readily adapt accordingly. ASRS can be easily configured to suit the storage needs of each business, as required
  • Can Be Integrated With Existing Storage Systems – ASRS can readily integrated to work with existing Longspan and Carton Live storage systems

Which Warehouse Operations Will Best Benefit from ASRS?

Like all storage systems, ASRS is best suited to specific warehouse conditions. This includes warehouse operations that require the following: 

  • High volume storage that demands fast product handling speeds
  • High density storage, due to space restrictions; ASRS can be constructed to a height of over 30 metres (90 feet) and in excess of 50 metres (150 feet) in depth
  • Precision handling, to prevent damages to costly inventory
  • Storage of items that require specific climatic conditions

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