Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Fashionable Jewellery

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Instantly modernise your outward appearance

When trawling for contemporary, in-vogue jewellery styles, you are always guaranteed to find new designs for sale. The process of replicating modern styles and showcasing them in store windows becomes faster all the time, allowing you to effortlessly source new items to upgrade your look.

Upmarket looks at budget-oriented prices

Whereas upmarket industry brands require substantial investment, fashionable jewellery can be bought for a fraction of the price while still managing to project a similar radiance. Fashionable jewellery provides an avenue to buy exclusive styles without the big-brand price tag.

Greater selection

Unlike custom designed items that are made for special occasions, such as engagement rings, fashionable jewellery is manufactured on a colossal scale, meaning that you have access to an endless array of different jewellery designs at all times. Fashionable jewellery isn’t just sold at ordinary jewellery shops, they can often be found in any clothing boutique or department store.

Allows you to buy a greater number of items

One of the most obvious benefits of buying budget-priced, fashion jewellery is the ability to buy more jewellery! While a more expensive piece may limit you to just one or two items, fashionable jewellery will allow you to buy an entire swag of new kit.

You aren’t limited to only buying classic jewellery items

Newer generations are choosing to avoid conventional jewellery stones and styles in favour of contemporary designs. This is down to a number of factors including affordability and even sensibilities towards the environmental impacts of mining. Fashionable jewellery gives consumers bold, unique jewellery designs at cost-effective price points.

Items are always in high supply

Unlike expensive pieces where it pays to do your homework and ensure that you’re buying a high quality item that is going to last you for years to come, the process for buying fashionable jewellery is much simpler. You don’t have to concern yourself with the inherent qualities of the item as much, as you’re more concerned with its superficial traits, such as its beauty and ability to match your various items. It’s lack of exclusivity means that you’ll have no trouble in sourcing the items at stores or online.


Inferior quality

Fashionable jewellery is made en masse and sold at budget-orientated prices, so the quality is naturally going to be suspect. Instead of precious metals and priceless gemstones, this jewellery is instead made from inexpensive and sometimes highly toxic materials that can have serious consequences for the wearer’s health, if worn regularly. Beyond the health risks, the lack of quality construction means that pieces such as necklaces and bracelets are far more prone to breakage.

Counterfeit designs

Although it’s easy to assume that buying cheap jewellery that has been blatantly copied or ‘inspired’ by big-name brands may not be detrimental to those brands, in some cases such designs are in fact fraudulent imitations that are based on the works of independent jewellery designers who lack the financial clout of leading brands. In cases such as these, the fashionable jewellery is most certainly a bad thing for the industry.

Environmental impact

Although the mining of precious minerals is harmful to the surrounding environment, the rapid manufacture of inexpensive fashion jewellery is not without its own share of concerns. Cheap jewellery is a lot like the old throw-away cameras. They’re not built with longevity in mind and this means that consumers dispose of them much faster than they would with more durable and expensive jewellery. This shorter life-cycle equates to more material on the scrap heap at much faster intervals.

Can ultimately prove to be more expensive

While the sticker price on fashionable jewellery items is much lower than more valuable pieces, such jewellery doesn’t last anywhere near as long and requires you to make much more purchases, meaning that your expenditure isn’t really any lower, especially when viewed over a longer period of time.

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