Beginner’s Guide to Renovating a Kitchen

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A kitchen renovation project involves very complex plans and execution of work. It is not an easy task to just think of an idea of a new kitchen and apply your thoughts without proper planning and homework. Improper plans are always very confusing and time consuming with the wastage of your money. If there is a thought in your mind to remodel the kitchen then get ready to jot down the idea with your wishes and needs. This would be an initial assessment of your needs and your resources particularly the budget.

Once you begin by asking yourself that why do you need a renovated kitchen, you could easily analyze that either your sink is not working or the cabinets become old or you want a new beautiful look. The ineffective appliances can also push you to initiate the kitchen renovation process. This initial step if done with care would lead you to calculate the cost of your desired kitchen.

Your financial strength would decide the quality of materials you are about to use and the expenses you would bear for your ideal kitchen. So it should be kept in mind that wages of labor or contractors and the cost of materials are well planned in the planning and assessment phase. It is a fact that one should be very realistic in determining the additional value of a dream kitchen to the overall financial worth of the home.

Cost-benefit analysis can help you decide about hiring a general contractor or simply subcontractors who would work under your guidance if you are really efficient. Then you can take further steps to lower the cost by finding the alternatives of expensive materials as there are veneers and cabinets available along with the floor tiles that look good at cheap rates. Or if you can afford, most expensive materials can be used to accomplish your dreams. Reclaimed wood can also be used if you are a creative person.

After doing the planning, designing your kitchen plan begins. There are various kitchen plans available to help you, for instance, L SHAPED, DOUBLE L SHAPED. A one-wall or a corridor design can also be used. But do not forget that these designs should be aligned with your available resources. Then comes the turn to draw the design plans which can be done with the help of kitchen designers.

And there are book based designed packages and kitchen design software that can support you to design your kitchen. A general contractor or construction firm can also do everything if you hire them but again you need to check your pocket first.  And if you are really an expert DIYer, you can do everything on your own to save money or to use the services of a subcontractor to minimize the cost can also be a good option.

If you are ready to do the work yourself or to hire a professional kitchen designer, it is the right time to apply for the permits. A contractor can get the permits but if you are personally managing, there are various agencies that can grant permits like water, drainage, electrical and permits of building.

If you are renovating your kitchen, you should prepare yourself and your family to live without the kitchen. You can use other rooms or can go to the restaurants because your kitchen is out of order and a new one is knocking the doors of your mind. Your bed room can be filled with the freezer and a microwave oven and you can invite your friends to visit you kitchen cum bedroom. Then the real phase starts and the noise of demolition can disturb you but rest assured, your new kitchen would make you happy. If you did not hire a general contractor and doing it yourself then do not forget to wear the safety gear and to dump the old material properly.

After the demolition, the framing and construction of the new kitchen start according to the designed plans. This is the actual execution phase where a general contractor or DIYer put all the efforts to build the infrastructure and then gradually moves towards plumbing, wiring and drainage, etc, with the final touch to make the walls colorful. Your money and all the efforts would give you pleasure if you stay happy in your desired can be stated that a Good construction is based on good planning and assessment.

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