Australia Skilled Sub-Class 489 Visa Is a Wise Choice in the Present Immigration Scenario

Australia Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa

Australia Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa is a wise choice in the present immigration scenario as it facilitates hassle free immigration to the ‘Land down under’. With a bustling and growing economy, the Land of Kangaroos is in need of talents from all over the world to support the pace of its growth. Thus immigrants can utilize this opportunity and arrive in Australia through the Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa.

Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa is based on points system that allocates points to applicants for specific skills. You can get comprehensive knowledge regarding the skills and points allotted from an immigration consultant.

Applicants of this visa must be below 50 years of age and are required to appear for the test of language proficiency. There will be also a separate test based on points. It will also be assessed by the DIBP regarding your eligibility for nomination from a province or state. Your visa processing will then be accordingly planned. A registered migration agent can be your trusted guide to sail through the entire visa processing and the required documentation.

You can migrate to Australia only after fulfilling all the required criterions, furnishing necessary documentation and assessment of every detail.

Points will be allotted only after assessment of all the necessary requirements for the immigrant applicants. Points are never offered at the time of Expression of the Interest. The language test for proficiency in the English language is only to ensure that you can become accustomed to the ambiance. It is usually for those applicants who do not have English as their first language. In fact, there are certain nations whose applicants are exempted from the IELTS. If you are an applicant of the Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa from the US, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Canada you need not appear for the IELTS.

At times people highlight the fact that Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa is not a pathway to Australia PR. However, just with the application of this visa immigrant applicants are offered 5 extra points. Thus this visa always has many advantages and it also facilitates your hassle free movement, as quoted by the Sooperarticles.

For immigrant applicants, there are certain language domain requirements and this can always enhance the chances while applying for the visa. Applicants with good educational credentials also have an edge over others. Candidates who have received the education in the Australian style and whose degrees are accredited by the Government of Australia would receive preference in this category.

An immigration consultant will be better placed to give the exhaustive information that will help you to successfully complete your visa application.

Applicants with specific age will be offered points as listed below:

· 18 to 24 years – 10 points

· 25 to 32 years – 30 points

· 33 to 39 years – 25 points

· 40 to 44 years – 15 points

· 45 to 49 years – 0 points

The language factor assessment for Proficient Level applicants gives higher chances for applicants to migrate to Australia if they are from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the US. Below is the language test and associated score levels for them:

· IELTS – 7+ in each category

· OET – B Pass for every component

· PET Academics – 65+ marks in each necessary component

· CAE – 185+ in each component

· TOEFL IBT- Listening 24, Reading 24, Writing 27, and Speaking 23

Just with the application of the Australia Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa immigrant applicants are offered 5 extra points and this visa always has many advantages facilitating your hassle free movement.

Enquire Immigration Australia Contact for more details on 489 visa process.

Article Summary:

Australia Skilled Sub-class 489 Visa is a wise choice in the present immigration scenario as it facilitates hassle free immigration to the ‘Land down under’.

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