Are You Bored Binge-Watching Shows on Small-Screen TV? Upgrade Now

small screen tv

In the newfound era of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, although we have access to a ton of movies and series, we definitely miss watching movies in theaters. Watching on small mobile screens truly does not offer the experience which a movie theater can offer.

But with the help of projectors, the viewers can enjoy their favorite shows on the big screen. This device gives the flexibility to enjoy the top-rated shows of OTT platforms on a bigger screen. The projectors of companies like BenQ have made it possible for people to enjoy the complete home theater experience.

There are many advantages of using a projector for home entertainment as mentioned below:

1. Customizable screen size

It is an unknown fact that the screens of TVs and laptops have a definite boundary. The viewers are limited to its size, and they can watch their favorite shows according to their screen size, irrespective of how handy these gadgets may be.

But projectors give the versatility of operating on any surface of any size, rather than a fixed size. The videos can be projected to any screen size, big or small. This way, the screen size of a projector is not fixed, and the customers are free to screencast their videos on every surface.

Moreover, purchasing good-quality projectors can save you from purchasing additional hardware for your home. People tend to get bored with a fixed size of television after some time and wish to upgrade it. But with a projector you are free to change your screen ratio any time, there will be no need to purchase the new hardware. It is cost-efficient as well.

2. Eye comfort

The increased use of screens has posed a threat to the eyes. The continuous focus on screens creates strains on the eyes, which deteriorates its health. It is why the number of people wearing glasses/spectacles is continuously increasing every day.

Many people think that watching screens affect the eyes, whereas, putting strain on them has an adverse effect. However, projectors comfort the eyes and ensure good health for them.

Since projectors offer a bigger screen for people to enjoy their shows, it does not strain their eyes. They also maintain a safe distance from the screen, which further provides comfort to the eyes. This way, they enjoy pictures on the projectors rather than worrying about their eyes' health.

Also, in TVs and laptops, the viewers perceive the emitted rays from the screens which are harmful to the eyes. On the other hand, projectors project the reflected light It which is much easier on the viewers' eyes, and has lesser chances of affecting them.

3. Compact size

The compact size of the projectors is another significant advantage. It is impossible to carry your laptop or TV everywhere to enjoy the movies with your loved ones. TVs, once mounted, cannot be shifted to any other part of the home.

But, the compact size of projectors makes it possible to carry it anywhere and enjoy the cinema experience at any place. In addition, projectors are also lightweight. So, whether you will stay at your friend's house or planned the outdoor screening, these projectors have always got your back. Their lightweight and small size will cause no problem to you while transporting them.

Many companies like BenQ also manufacture mini projectors, making it even easier to carry these projectors anywhere. These projects are incredibly light, small, and have great functionality.

4. Value

The cost and benefit ratio of projectors is pretty good. With little investment, you get a wholesome cinematic experience from the comfort of your home. The projector’s price is more reasonable than the price of a television.

Also, there is no need to spend too much on projectors because several companies like BenQ are devoted to providing the best quality projectors at an affordable price to their customers. The projectors have a low cost per screen inch too. It means that it is cheaper to watch movies and shows on a bigger screen when compared to the television. It makes it highly affordable and beneficial for the user.

The projectors for the home have redefined the movie-watching experience. Their features are exceptional, and they provide an excellent value to the money. So, if you are bored from watching shows and movies on your small TV screen, it's time to upgrade it to the projector.

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