Are Cheap Sunglasses Bad For Your Eyes

Are Cheap Sunglasses Bad For Your Eyes

Spotted a cute pair of cheap sunglasses online and just can’t help but order it since it’s trendy and super affordable? Think it’ll be just perfect for that upcoming beach trip or just cruising through the streets on a sunny day? Definitely not, those cheap sunglasses could cause some serious damage to your eyes in more ways than one! Keep reading to find out why you should never be a cheapskate when it comes to eyewear and always purchase premium quality sunglasses online or from a brick-and-mortar store to ensure your eyes are well protected and not at risk!

We often pay more attention and money on protecting our skin, while our eyes get barely any attention! The fact of the matter is that your eyes are especially vulnerable and can be seriously damaged by the sun without you even realizing it. In some cases, you may immediate discomfort in eyes after sun exposure, other times you may not even notice any pain, but damage over the years can result in serious sight problems - all of which could be avoided with good quality eyewear.

When choosing sunglasses for men or sunglasses for women these are a few key areas that you should pay close attention to help you sift through the plethora of cheap sunglasses available and choose safe sunglasses that will keep your eyes well-protected - here’s a quick look at the some of the most important!

UV Protection

Don’t settle for anything less than 99-100% UV protection. This way you know your eyes are well shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can cause long term damage. Don’t be misled by dark tints and always check UV ratings on both sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women. A lot of us may assume cheap sunglasses provide UV protection because of misleading stickers on the lenses that tell you that it blocks UV, but most often they offer no protection whatsoever. Another reason to only purchase sunglasses online from reputable, trustworthy vendors that you know sell premium quality sunglasses for men and women.

Optical Quality of Lenses

Ordered your cheap sunglasses online and they’ve finally arrived, but once you’ve worn it for a few days, have you noticed that the optical quality is less than it should be and your eyes feel strained? You’re not alone. Cheap sunglasses can strain your eyes as a direct result of the inexpensive material used for the lenses or even the lens warping in the frame.


Whether you’re purchasing sunglasses for women or men it’s important to think about the durability of the sunglasses - you want it to last and not break after the first use. For the best durability and impact resistance, look out for lightweight polycarbonate lenses and strong sunglass frames - a feature that will be very hard to come across with cheap sunglasses which are usually made from low quality plastic. When ordering sunglasses online, pay close attention to the descriptions and always aim to purchase from reputable vendors to avoid being misled and scammed into purchasing sunglasses that won’t last.

In summary, remember don’t fall for all those cheap offers for sunglasses online and only purchase them if you can verify that the lenses provide proper UV protection, optical quality, and durability. If you’re not sure which pair of sunglasses you should choose, always meet with a skilled optician to help you determine the perfect pair of quality sunglasses to meet your unique needs while providing optimum clarity, comfort, and eye protection! Ultimately, no matter how trendy or fun a pair of cheap sunglasses may look, it’s not worth the risk of damaging your eyes!

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