6 Tips For Picking And Applying Face Primers

Face Primers

The prior thing to begin with face makeup is the application of face primer. Face primer is a makeup product that lets make-up to stay all day long. Being first and a crucial step, it becomes important to consider many things while choosing the most appropriate primer for your face. One not only watches out for its longevity but also considers other factors like if that product suits their skin, if they want color correction or if the product protects their skin from the sun? And also it is not easy to buy and try these products because some makeup products are too expensive.


There are many brands selling face primers online which possess different properties to provide a better effect on the skin. My glam is one of those brands whose products are shining among the customers. The common problem that women face is to choose the best product among many other available in the market. What factors should they take into consideration while buying face primers? This question is answered in the following section.

  • Colour correction- The very first question that you should ask yourself before buying face primer is that if you want color correction. The undertoned skin always gets toned with color-based face primers. There are many colors in face primers like green, pink, purple or yellow, etc. to treat redness green-based face primers are used. To hide tiredness, the pink color is used. So based on your need, you can choose the most appropriate color based face primer.
  • Oily skin- people with oily kin always face trouble in selecting the most favorable face primer. To treat the greasiness of your face, matt based face primers should be used. The matt based face primers help in minimizing the pores and they also have acne-fighting properties in it. so people having oily skin must go for matt based face primers to look flawless. 
  • Sun protection- Sun is the biggest enemy of wonderful skin. The UV rays that it pours on us every day can make our skin look dull. There are Face primers that are infused with sunscreen ranging from 15 SPF to 50 SPF. Now one does not have to choose between beauty and health.
  • Anti-aging properties- If your skin is struggling with gaining wrinkles, then there is a solution for you. Many brands now add anti gaining properties in their face primers which helps in keeping your skin hydrated and delays in the appearance of wrinkles and can also hide them.
  • Acne- People with acne always try to avoid makeup products with a myth that these products cause more acne on their skin. But it isn’t so. Many face primers have acne medicated properties in it like salicylic acid which helps in keeping away the blemishes and also avoids ugly breakouts.
  • Dry skin- People having dry skin can benefit their skin by using face primers which also keep your moisturized throughout a day with built-in moisturizers. This enables you to stay away from using products that could cause allergy or damage your skin.it is best to buy makeup products that are made from natural ingredients so that you do not risk your skin with the possibilities of a side effect. This enables you to stay away from using products that could cause allergy or damage your skin.it is best to buy makeup products that are made from natural ingredients so that you do not risk your skin with the possibilities of a side effect.

These are some of the factors while choosing a particular brand for face primer. As per different problems you want to get treated with, select the most appropriate face primer for your skin.

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