6 Most Common Customer Service Myths Debunked

6 Most Common Customer Service Myths Debunked

In the customer service sector, it is sometimes extremely hard to distinguish between facts and myths.
This is because, the industry in the present times is changing so fast that several players in the marketplace sometimes struggles to keep up, which makes it a fertile ground for spreading and nurturing false notions, fads and toxic myths in businesses.

Hence, it is most important that business owners and professionals must balance these myths with reality in order to serve their customers effectively and more profitably in the long haul.

Therefore to help make certain that these false notions are not contributing destructively to the delivery of your support services here are six widespread customer services myths busted.

1. Satisfaction Automatically Means Loyalty

Here let us dissect the myths that impact on two aspects of satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction

Employee satisfaction

1a. All Satisfied Customers are Loyal

Wrong- just satisfaction is no longer enough.

This is because; while customers can be satisfied it necessarily does not imply that all satisfied customers are 100 percent loyal.

Customer loyalty comes from the dynamics of two factors, Satisfaction “the positive experience which is derived from the use of your offerings”, and Image “the feeling that your brand creates voluntarily (advertising, communications, innovations) and involuntary (the press, word of mouth, the web, your share prices).

Therefore, to retain and nurture loyal customers, your brand must essentially rank above average on these stated factors, and so as we said before, merely satisfying customers is not just enough.

1b. Satisfied Employees Will Bring In Loyal Customers.

Now, this is also not entirely true.

While there are several kinds of research that illustrate that there may be some link between satisfied employees and customer loyalty, nevertheless in most businesses it is not.
This is because, although satisfied employees are more likely to help customers more pleasantly and thereby provide a greater level of customer satisfaction, however, they should not be befuddled with engaged employees.

Therefore it is necessary that you must know to make a distinction between employee satisfaction and engagement. Since an employee can be satisfied with his/her work and yet remain unengaged.

Hence while employee satisfaction illustrates the degree of contentment an employee has with the terms and conditions of employment, it necessarily does not mean they will go ‘over and above’ their normal efforts.

For example in the public sector, employees may be satisfied owing to the lack of pressure in their jobs, but it necessarily does not imply that they will make efforts to satisfy their customers.

In fact, an engaged employee is a member of your staffs who is deeply passionate and involved and is willing to put in extra efforts into their work as they are committed to their company, and it is these engaged employees that contribute to the creation of customer loyalty which is a competitive advantage for your brand.

2. Social Media Is The Quickest Means To Find Customer Service

In modern times social media is the more recent addition to customer support channels as it is also changing very fast how brands engage with their customers.

Now, this does not necessarily imply that social media is the quickest way to get support, as the responsiveness of the support agents directly depends on the company’s investment in this arena.

For example, if a business has employed and assigned just one person to act as customer support agent to manage its social media channels, and hundred plus employees to answer the phone, it is natural that customers are going to receive quicker support by using the voice channel to resolve their issues.

Hence social media only has the potential to be a real-time customer support channel if any business is willing to allocate and invest the right resource to make this possible, like by using an easy to use CRM software with integrated social media monitoring tools.

3. Different Channels should Exist As Silos

Silo systems make it extremely difficult to present consistent customer experiences across diverse channels. Nowadays customers mostly reach out to brands through whatever channels that are most comfortable or convenient for them and expect that no matter whatever is their choice, they will receive the same quality and service.

Hence, in order to succeed in providing your customers with a seamless experience across different channels, a uniform omnichannel approach should be considered that takes into account the history and context of each customer on each channel.

The best way to achieve this omnichannel approach is to integrate data from emails, live chat, and other channels into the easy to use CRM software solution be it an enterprise-level business tool like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM which are mostly used for startups and small businesses.

This is because; using a unified view provided by an all-in-one CRM solution provides deeper insights like demographics about who the customer is, when they have made their purchases, and the list goes on, that helps in catering a seamless positive experience to the customers across the channels.

4. Human Agents Will Soon Disappear

Perhaps it will take at least another a thousand years, to make human agents disappear when robots will take control of this planet.

However, in the near future fully automated and human-assisted services will continue to exist side-by-side as automate services are necessary today for providing high issue resolution rates, but nevertheless, very complex customer requests will certainly require human assistance to resolve the issues.

This means human agents will become more productive in the days to come as they will be able to hand-off seamlessly support issues when necessary to AI-based customer supports and in return provide a positive customer support experience to the buyers of their offering(s).

5. Customer Service Is A Cost Centre As It Never Generates Revenue

This is another big customer service myth that most managers struggle with when they require a major investment pertaining to customer service in their organization, although the truth is customer support does offer opportunities for revenue generation that helps in consistent business growth.

This is because if you have heard about “up-selling” and “cross-selling” opportunities, whenever consumers interact with customer support agents and get their problems resolved successfully, it creates an opportunity through their recommendations of other offerings in their brand that can satisfy complementary and additional needs of the customers, which might have remained unfulfilled even after purchasing the original product or services.

Moreover, support agents can encourage satisfied customers to post positive reviews about their brand on social media websites which helps in building a great brand image, as well as attract new customers.

Additionally, there are several e-commerce websites that use special algorithms to determine whether a buyer on the website needs help in completing a purchase and put customers in touch with a support agent who can aid in finalizing the sale.

6. No Need To Spend In Customer Service Technology

The reality is different, as according to a survey done by Wakefield Research 81 percent of the respondents said that they would like being offered smart technology solutions in several scenarios among 1,000 consumers that participated in the survey.

This is because it is important to stay well-informed about innovative customer support solutions like the latest easy to use CRM software tools that empower support staffs to assist the customers and solve problems more efficiently.

Now we all know easy to use CRM is a tool that not only optimizes the quality of service, but it also helps in gaining competitive advantage and thereby reduce churn and retain more customers that ushers rapid business growth.

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