5 Types of Emails That Retain Customers and Decreases Churn

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The success and growth of any business depend on both maintaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.
Nevertheless, the most important factor for finding more business is coming up with an efficient strategy for retention and customer support, which holds unparallel benefits to brands and businesses that includes:

  • It makes sure that customers maintain a positive view of your brand after buying an offering or receiving a service, which leads to an increase in the customer base.
  • Increase in the number of sales by cross-selling and up-selling to satisfied and happy customers, ensuring an increase in revenue.
  • As the cost of retaining existing customers is much lesser than generating new ones, the cost of advertisement geared towards finding new prospects and customers are lowered considerably by maintaining the existing ones.

Now, according to most proficient marketers, even today sending emails is one of the most effective strategies for customer retention.
Most companies once they buy CRM use this business growth technology for sending customized emails to their customers as according to Experian, personalized emails receive six times higher transaction rates.

Although most of us are familiar with welcome emails where consumers are sent an automatically using Sales Force Automation in easy to use CRM upon signing up or even at times visiting a website, there are also other types of emails that marketers can put to good use for sales growth.

Therefore, in this article let us look at the different types of emails marketers can have in their arsenals for boosting sales and revenue of their businesses as according to Instapage, personalized, segmented and targeted emails generates 58 percent of all revenue.

1. Welcome Emails

Most brands send welcome emails to their new customers and subscribers as a reminder if their intent when they first sign-up or subscribe, which even as a polite way of making a brief illustration of your offering(s) to the new customers, where you can describe your products and services and also at the same instance direct them to your customer care department for further help.

Welcome emails are interactions creates a sense of comfort to the customers and so consumers get more attracted to brands that send a welcome email, than to one that does not, even if both businesses are dealing with identical offering(s).

2. Friendly reminder emails

Sometimes it is necessary for brands to remind and update their existing customers about the products and services they are offering, which are mostly sent by eCommerce brands when someone fails to purchase or abandons the cart.
These types of emails are also highly relevant for highlighting appropriate additional services and commodities to the shoppers and so reminder emails are often used by service-based industries to increase customer base through up-selling and cross-selling activities.

Remainder emails also provide a great channel for subscription-based services to alert the existing customers of payments due or update them on starting pay for a subscription after the end of their free trials.

3. Gift and exclusive offer emails

Consumers always expect and anticipate special promotions and offer from their brands, and so often signs up to receive emails of these special promotions and offerings.

Hence, it is always smart to send reward emails associated with events like Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, end-of-the-year special offers, birthday of the subscriber, and others significant events and occasions to engage your customers and make them spend more in your business.

4. Feedback request emails

Customers are the lifeblood and the most essential pillars of every business. Hence their involvement in your business operations (not only by purchasing your offerings) but through decision-making process is important for brands and businesses.

Now, response from the customers which implies their involvement comes through responses and suggestions for the products and services they paid for.

Therefore, sending a feedback email using Sales Force Automation in your easy to use CRM is a polite way of requesting your new and existing customers to take a quick survey that can be used for obtaining useful market information about your offerings.

Sending feedback emails also serves the purpose of keeping your customers engaged and using their positive feedback to improve the workflow of your business. 

5. Re-engagement emails

This is natural that even engaged customers may stop interacting with preferred brands and businesses, which is most pertinent for subscription-based businesses.

Therefore the sole purposes of re-engagement emails are to pull pack these customers or lure back the consumers who have unsubscribed them from your services.

Once you buy CRM and use its Sales Force Automation services as a business growth technology for increasing your revenue, you can easily automate the system to send emails with special discounts to these customers to encourage the customers to purchase from your brand or sign-up once again.


Even though there can be myriad reasons that can determine whether or not customers will stick with your brand and there are also a plethora of customer retention strategies and marketing approaches that you might try to decrease customer churn and increase revenue, nevertheless, once you buy CRM , be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms preferred by startups and small businesses, these five types of emails have proved to be one of the most tried-and-true business strategies for retaining customers and hence should find a vital place in your businesses’ marketing toolbox.

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