5 Reasons Why Your Brake Pads Aren’t Deteriorating at the Same Rate

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Each automobile’s brakes depend on brake pads to generate a specific amount of resistance to help decelerate the vehicle. These pads are located inside the vehicle’s calipers. When the brakes are applied in an effort to reduce the vehicle’s speed, the pads come in contact with the brake’s rotors, generating resistance.

Typically, the materials of the pads and rotors will deteriorate at the same rate, on both the left and right side of the automobile. Sometimes, however, there’ll be instances where the brake pads degrade at a faster rate on one side than on the other. Vehicle owners are often bewildered when this occurs and are unaware of the causes.

If it’s discovered that the brake pad materials aren’t regressing simultaneously, you’ll need to purchase a whole new set of brake pads and have them installed by a certified auto mechanic. Not only is this expensive, it’s also wasteful, as some of the pads you throw out will still be in satisfactory working condition. To ensure your utmost safety, it’s a step that cannot be avoided, however. Failure to do so could cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s brake components.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why your brake pads may not be eroding at the same time.

1) Rotors aren’t sized equally

When the width of the rotors is not sized equally, it inevitably results in the pads degenerating at different rates. Where this is the case, the brake discs will develop a high number of flat areas which the pads will lock up against. When this happens, the rate of degradation for the pads becomes unequal.

2) Pistons have an excess build-up of gunk on them

Whenever there’s a significant accumulation of refuse and other fragments around the pistons, it results in the brake calipers developing a viscous coating on their outer edges. When this happens, the pistons don’t shift and glide properly, ensuring that the pads don’t touch consistently with the brake rotors situated within the automobile.

3) Brake pads aren’t properly balanced

Occasionally, when a new set of brake pads are fitted to your car, the auto mechanic may not properly balance them correctly. Whenever this occurs, it will result in unequal brake degradation for the duration of your driving time. This issue usually becomes apparent within a matter of weeks from the installation of the new pads. When you begin to notice braking difficulties, you’ll question why the pads are already playing up so soon after buying new ones. If you’re experience troubles early on, it’s due to incorrectly balanced pads.

4) Excess build-up of dirt and grime upon the rotors

Unclean rotors are another possibility that can explain why brake pads are eroding at different rates. It’s important to note that this problem doesn’t exist exclusively with aged rotors, there are times where brand new rotors are fitted to an automobile, containing gunk and other undesirable residues on its surface, from when it was still in storage. Where this is the case, the rotors must be wiped with a specially designed cleaning agent to completely dissolve all unwanted particles. Upon doing this, any reputable mechanic will also be sure to cover the rotors with a rust-proofing agent.

5) Multiple brands of brake pad

It’s very important to ensure that the same brand and style of brake pad is fitted throughout your vehicle. Each brand has its own inherent quality and durability, so employing multiple brands will invariably result in unequal rates of brake pad material degradation. There are many factors that determine the rate at which a particular brand of pad erodes, including the strength of its material and overall width. Implementing the same brand and type of pad will greatly reduce the likelihood of unequal pad deterioration.

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