5 Most Popular Concerns About Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development

It doesn’t matter whether you consider to outsource iOS, Android, Symfony, Laravel or React development. If you ever thought about it – most probably, you had some concerns. Below, I’ll present a list of the most common examples and I’ll try to let you know why actually there’s nothing much to be worried about.

Software development outsourcing is a pretty popular topic nowadays. Whether you are a CTO of a company or a developer, I bet you have heard about it several times already. If you are among the first group – you could have already considered outsourcing a part of your development and most probably – you had (or maybe still have) some concerns about it. 

Basically, we can group all the popular ones into three separate categories: prosaic ones (including human conflicts), managerial (such as any doubts about remote cooperation management) or technical (like technology stack used by an outsourced software development company). Below, I’ll focus on a brief analysis of the five of them, starting with as prosaic one as a misunderstanding which may lead to human conflicts between the teams.

Human conflicts

Obviously, when you decide to outsource software development – your internal development team may feel a bit dismayed, trying to figure out why do you need additional developers from an external team? They may treat the incoming group of specialists as rivals. To make things worse – they would have to cooperate with them remotely in most cases. That’s why it’s important to prepare your development team for cooperation. Scheduling a kick-off event may be a good idea. An open and honest conversation of both sides and a clear message from yourself can minimise the risk of potential human conflicts or misunderstanding.

Differences in processes

Every software house has its own, battle-tested process which makes their work efficient. Your company has its own work model too, and these two don’t have to suit each other, unfortunately. So, how to reconcile these differences? Once again – communication may be the key. It’s good to consider letting the outsourced team share their knowledge and vision with your team to merge your existing process with the new circumstances. It’s definitely better than trying to force the external team works the way you normally do. Changing everything they’re used to do can lead to a disaster. You should remember that a fruitful collaboration, knowledge sharing and providing proper adjustments will be beneficial for both sides.

Taking over the project

Okay, let’s say you can find a compromise solution when you merge the external, outsourced team with your internal developers. But what if you outsource the complete team of developers who have to deliver a final product without cooperation with your internal team? Well, this may be a real threat, but again – it can be neutralised pretty easily. You can consider adding to a project a person who is responsible for setting technologies with the external team and becomes a link between the parties. A technical consultant like this can supervise the project and agree on certain technological solutions during the development process. It can help you avoid technological mismatch. Thanks to that you’ll take over the project swiftly.

Changes in the external team

One of the most common concerns about software development outsourcing is the one connected with any personal changes in the external team, caused by the developers’ illnesses, refusals or job changes. These changes in the outsourced team may (and most probably will) happen at some point. But it’s a factor which may occur if you hire an internal developer too. An “advantage” of the situation like this in the external team is that you don’t have to go through a whole recruitment process from scratch to hire a new in-house developer. An experienced partner would be obliged to find an instant replacement for your project. A properly chosen partner normally employs a lot of specialists and it wouldn’t be a problem for them.

Remote cooperation

The last but not least concern is about the remote cooperation itself. Some people doubt if people can work remotely at all. I will say that obviously they can but again – they need to have proper experience in this matter. Also, it’s crucial to find a responsible partner who has enough experience to help you walk through the process seamlessly. Most of the reliable outsourcing companies work remotely on daily basis so it’s wouldn’t be a problem for them. 


As you can see – some potential risks are coming with the decision of software development outsourcing. However, a good preparation, open and honest communication and a wise decision about a potential partner may make the outsourcing process seamless, rapid and effective.

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